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Villas for Sale in Cyprus - Cyprus Villas for Sale

Foreign investors from abroad have become more interested in elite real estate abroad, such as villas for sale in Cyprus. New programs for state support to investors, simplified procedures for residence permit and citizenship are emphasized in favor of the government of the Republic of Northern Cyprus over buyers. In the interests of the policy of the state, to attract buyers from abroad, thereby stimulating the growth of the economy and increasing housing liquidity.

An investor interested in luxury villas for sale in Cyprus will make a wise choice and stay in profit. The interest of English-speaking buyers for real estate in the premium segment is increasing every year. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is one of the favorite holiday destinations of both Turkish people and foreign tourists with its warm Mediterranean climate, famous beaches, and many prestigious hotels. With its unique beauty, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus also draws attention with its natural nature, favorable living conditions, and international education institutions that provide education in accordance with world standards. If you are dreaming of living on an island, Northern Cyprus will be the right choice for you.

Villas for Sale in Cyprus

The capital Nicosia, especially the touristic Kyrenia and the port of Famagusta, are the most popular addresses to buy a house, but the most popular is, of course, the coastal area. No matter where you are, you can always buy property in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on an equal basis with all citizens of the world. The island is washed by the clean waters of the Mediterranean and enjoys a temperate climate with more than 340 sunny days per year. Other advantages of the state are low crime rate, simple legislation and taxation, and availability of luxury real estate. Cyprus is an island country, also called a subsidiary, located in the Mediterranean region and does not require a visa for entry. Greeks live in the southern part of the island while Turks live in the north. There are many historical places worth seeing in Cyprus. At the same time, Cyprus offers various types of recreation that will appeal to connoisseurs of both tranquility and active lifestyle. This is a real holiday paradise with a dynamic life rhythm.

The market for cheap villas for sale in Cyprus is growing rapidly and attracts thousands of investors from all over the world every year. Owning property in Cyprus is an excellent investment in a reliable future and high return investments. By acquiring property, you will bequeath to future generations, namely your children. According to the laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, there is no mandatory requirement to be a citizen of the country to buy a house. This fact allows you to realize the dream of your own house by the sea. It should also be noted that citizens of continental Turkey also have foreign status in Northern Cyprus. For foreigners, there are the following conditions for the purchase of housing: the investor has the right to own only one property, but other members of his family can also buy a villa for sale in Cyprus.

If you want to own more than one real estate unit in Northern Cyprus, you must establish a company with international capital in accordance with current laws. As a foreign citizen, you must apply to the Cabinet of Ministers to obtain a document on the ownership of a house in the Republic. It may take up to 12 months for citizens of other foreign countries to obtain permission, and this period is approximately 2 months for citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Buy property in Cyprus to obtain a one-year residence permit (two years for persons over 60). After three years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. During the first 3 years, you must renew your residence permit every year with the transfer of your residence permit.

In addition, foreign citizens can obtain the citizenship of the Republic of Northern Cyprus through real estate investments. Luxury villas for sale in Cyprus are perfect for citizenship because the investment threshold is 2 million Euros. And when you invest more than 5 million euros in the country's economy, you will get citizenship almost immediately! Most of the time, foreign investors turn to professional real estate agents for support in the citizenship process.

Given the country's tax laws, it can be concluded that property taxes in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are reasonable enough to make buying a house attractive. When renting out the properties you buy, you have to pay 10% of your income to the state treasury. Also, a small amount of property tax is paid each year, but there is no separate income tax. This fact proves the ease and availability of buying housing in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Life on the beach gives peace that cannot be bought with any money and allows you not only to save but also to increase your money. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of tranquility and experience all the pleasures of the Mediterranean lifestyle with Cyprus villas for sale!

Get ready to open the door to the world of affordable luxury real estate in a unique location close to the sea! We'll accompany you through every step of the deal, helping you navigate prices and locations. The Republic consists of six regions: Famagusta, Kyrenia, Güzelyurt, Iskele, Lefke and Nicosia. Housing prices in these areas vary by plan and location. The value of the property is the cost of dwellings attached to the ground, in the central parts of these districts. Another important argument in favor of investment in this country is the minimal bureaucratic procedure and the simplicity of the property purchase procedure. Compared to the high profitability, the cost of housing is generally lower than in neighboring Greek Cyprus. The most popular type of residence among investors are sea view villas for sale in Cyprus.

Your realtor will more accurately calculate the value of the property and select options that fit your budget perfectly. Realtor Global, a real estate agency specializing in Turkey, offers three action options. Our professional team will select cheap villas for sale in Cyprus for you and will make a deal by undertaking the routine formalities.

We can also offer lower-cost options with a simple payment plan: by installments or by bank loan. Many construction projects and new buildings offer the most affordable options. The value of the property in the early stages of construction is traditionally considered the lowest and most affordable offered. Owning your own home in Turkey is much easier than in other countries, thanks to simple payment plans, installments until the end of the construction, and bank loan facilities. Villas in Turkey are beneficial to purchase at the construction stage to earn capital gains. The developers give buyers a guarantee in the event of a failure, in which case the construction company and the Law are on the buyer's side and protect their interests and means, although this is rare. The construction is of high quality and reliability and is carried out using the latest engineering technologies and in accordance with all criteria for seismic stability. Special attention is paid to the security of the house: reliable security systems, fenced areas, and video surveillance differ, especially in villas for sale in Cyprus with private pools.

At first glance, it may seem that large investments are required to purchase a profitable object. Property for sale in Cyprus under 50k, are a direct investment in a reliable future and a chance to start a new and comfortable life with minimal cost. The cost of housing in this city is significantly different from the cost of real estate in other Mediterranean countries (the same Greece or Italy), and its value is constantly increasing. When investing for rental purposes, you should pay attention to long-term ownership of the property. This method minimizes risks and contributes to increasing the value of the property itself. This strategy is perfect for those whose purpose is to protect their money from inflation.

Once you own a house by the sea, you will be able to decide for yourself when, with whom, and how you will spend your vacation. This is not only a profitable investment but also a guarantee of high income and a stable future at affordable prices. Luxury residences by the sea have traditionally benefited from the demand for rent. The dynamic rhythm of life, proximity to Europe, developed Industry, well-established infrastructure, modern road network, and well-maintained Beaches make the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus one of the most popular investment strikes and allow investors of all levels to enter the real estate market. Cyprus is a fun Island, a restrained Mediterranean lifestyle, and a year-round holiday atmosphere. This is the land of investment opportunities! Admire the unique coastlines, taste the local cuisine, cool off in the loving sea.

Buy a villa in Cyprus and start a new comfortable life by the sea! Housing prices differ significantly from those in other countries of the Mediterranean and even in central Russia. Foreign investors have long ceased to perceive the Republic as a resort, but as an important direction for a profitable investment. Each of the regions of Northern Cyprus has investment and economic potential. Housing in Cyprus pays off faster than other parts of Turkey, including Istanbul, in about 10-15 years. Property taxes here are considered one of the lowest as far as their content, and immigration laws are pretty strict.

Increasing economic activity in the capital Nicosia and the increase in the number of hotels in Kyrenia are attractive opportunities to buy property in these cities. The Republic combines political stability, European comfort, exotics abroad, and the confidence of tomorrow. Today you have the opportunity to purchase a unique liquid housing!

The process of investing in Cyprus villas for sale is quite simple, but there are a few points to consider at each stage. Make no mistake when choosing a real estate agency to make your dreams come true! For you, area, location, etc. We will choose the options that best suit your criteria. We are happy to answer your question and always support when you need advice and offer a first-class level of both pre-sales and after-sales service. You are our guest, not our customer! It is customary in Turkish culture to show great respect to guests, so we value each and every one of our guests.

The real estate market is carefully regulated by the state, which exhausts the clear criteria of the work of each of the agencies and especially the employees. A professional agent will explain in detail every stage of the purchase of the villa (especially villas for professional and mobile villas and will undertake the routine formalities. You cannot ignore a moment such as the registration of cadastral documents. We provide our customers with first-class support in different languages, always help in all matters, especially in paperwork We are ready to do so and we guarantee full transparency and legal purity of the transaction.

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