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Real Estate in Istanbul - Property for sale in Istanbul

Real Estate in Istanbul is a powerhouse, hub for luxury retail, accommodation, education, premium residences, and much more. Istanbul has the highest concentration in terms of wealth, education, lifestyle, and infrastructure. It is an important metropolis where investors buy real estate and earn income with its historical places and magnificent scenery. Designed as surprisingly illuminated, sophisticated, and smart apartments, property for sale in Istanbul are the centers of luxury modern style architectural structures placed side by side. The magnificence of the properties here is emphasized by the landscape thus creating a contemporary and practical image.

Where Is The Best Place to Buy a Property in Istanbul?

Istanbul is the only city established on two sides and through which the sea passes. One side is on the European continent and the other side is on the Asian continent. While being immersed in the view of the unique Galata Tower and Maiden's Tower, makes you want to live in this city. Istanbul is a natural wonder in itself and has streets that smell of history. It is not a holiday destination, but a concrete city where you can really experience the flow of life. You should start to explore Bebek, the district where the sea and blue meet, the most preferred Atasehir location, Kadıkoy, which makes you feel alive, and the Levent region, which is a power center. Istanbul is a trendy city followed by the whole world, with luxury retail, an advanced city life, a stylish life of the upper classes, the best schools, and hospitals. Property in Istanbul means that you will feel your heartbeat at its liveliest in a city where the heart of Turkey beats.

How Much Does Real Estate in Istanbul Cost?

When our agenda is to buy a house in Istanbul, our budget is the first thing we need to control. If you are going to live in a region with high living standards, in the lap of quality, you may need to adjust your budget accordingly. Apartments for sale in Istanbul and villas for sale in Istanbul, which are suitable for you and your budget, offer unique offers with easy payment advantages. Many projects and newly built apartments offer many advantages.

The prices of the houses you choose in the first stage of the projects are the lowest and most affordable prices offered to you. With easy payment options, installment options until the end of construction, and payment opportunities offered by bank loans, this stage can be planned much more easily than in other countries. When we review the property prices for sale in Istanbul, the criteria you look for are very important. For example, an apartment for an average family starts at € 80,000. This price may vary from €500,000 and more. Prices start from €100.000 for investors who are considering a villa away from the city hustle and bustle. These price ranges include great locations, views, and things that make life easier. Living well is living with quality, and living with quality goes through the right budget management.

What Are The Advantages of Buying a Real Estate in Istanbul?

The advantage of owning a property in Istanbul is the right to acquire Turkish citizenship for investment purposes or with your permanent residence, a global and local business portfolio support system, and also a system where you can experience the privilege of consultancy under its roof. The most important privileges of owning a house in Istanbul are residence permits in Turkey, guaranteed housing quality, and certificate opportunities for all family members.

Real estate in Istanbul is a business sector that keeps the feeling of trust and satisfaction at the highest level and is managed by expert teams. You will feel totally above it, as you will be right in the heart of living in a city. Although it is difficult to keep up with the living conditions, you will gain an advantage with the best education, hospitals, government jobs, multiple transportation options, and airports that provide direct flights in the best conditions. That's why we stand behind our motto 'Istanbul view is your friend, your home is your style'.

How to Buy a Property in Istanbul?

It is everyone's dream to own a house in Istanbul. On the other hand, there are dilemmas waiting for those who have a certain amount of savings, who want to buy their dream house with a housing loan, or who turn to investment property: Where should I buy a house in Istanbul, whether it is a new flat or second hand, in the city center or near the new metro roads? are listed in succession. We welcome you with a team that will be with you at every stage from the moment you buy the property for sale in Istanbul, where you have dreamed of a “livable house”.

Our expert team presents you with a suitable apartment for your requests, in the next stage, we will present this apartment live, and if you like the apartment and want to buy it, we will prepare all the transactions for you. You experience the convenience of owning a property with a signature. In addition, our expert team will assist you in every field, as you will always have a consultant. It will show its support by acting with you in a government office and official transactions.

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