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Real Estate in Northern Cyprus - Property for sale in Northern Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country that does not require a visa and is located in the Mediterranean region, which is also called the offspring homeland. Greeks live in the southern part of the island and Turks live in the northern part. There are many historical places to see in Cyprus. At the same time, there are many activities you need to do after you come to Cyprus.

As a region where the holiday paradise and life flow fast, the development of the real estate in Northern Cyprus also shows a rapid course. Owning property for sale in Northern Cyprus is a great investment for the future and a high-income investment.

Where Is The Best Place to Buy a Property in Northern Cyprus?

Cyprus, which has kept housing prices at a very reasonable level in the real estate sector in recent years, draws attention. It has been observed that it is one of the places where the search for a summer house is the most, and at the same time, tourists who go on vacation have started to search for property in Northern Cyprus. Cyprus, the Mediterranean's winning island from housing, is administratively divided into 6 regions. Due to the fact that it is an island, investors are very quick to buy houses from the sea strip. So how to find the best-located property in Cyprus? We have the answer to everything you wonder about the Cyprus real estate market. First of all, Kyrenia is one of the most beautiful places, enjoy diving here. You can find the luxury life you are looking for in Nicosia. Another region that attracts as much attention as Nicosia is Famagusta. The prices and location of Famagusta apartments have stunning options. The other location is Guzelyurt, the most profitable and profitable district.

How Much Does Real Estate in Northern Cyprus Cost?

Buying a house in Northern Cyprus is profitable both in terms of living and investment. When you own a house in Cyprus, you can go on vacation whenever you want, and at other times you can use your house as a tourism investment. If you have the phrase "but I don't have a big budget" in mind, don't worry. Because Cyprus housing prices are very affordable. Especially in new housing projects located in a very good location, luxurious and comfortable residences are sold at prices that will surprise you. Many banks that provide housing loans also offer very advantageous opportunities to those who want to buy a house in Cyprus. Apartments for sale in Northern Cyprus have striking prices starting from € 40.000, and villas for sale in Northern Cyprus attract attention with prices starting from € 80.000. The real estate sector in Cyprus is always with its customers with its consultancy service and is with them at every stage.

What Are The Advantages of Buying a Real Estate in Northern Cyprus?

Cyprus is sunny and pleasant 300 days a year, so there is no specific season for a holiday in Cyprus. When you have a house by the sea, you can have the perfect holiday you want whenever you want. Moreover, owning a house in Cyprus is not only a profitable investment, but also offers affordable options in terms of Cyprus house prices. The houses by the sea on the island, which are always dynamic in terms of tourism, are very valuable in terms of rental income. Cyprus is one of the first islands that come to mind when it comes to an idyllic holiday all over the world. Cyprus, the island of free entertainment, peaceful daily life, and a four-season holiday, offers great opportunities for home investments. Real estate in Northern Cyprus is the most developed sector. It will be a very enjoyable experience to dive into the unique sea, explore its historical buildings and ancient city, try the special dishes of Cyprus and watch the Cyprus beaches from the unique view of your balcony.

How to Buy a Property in Northern Cyprus?

Just like in Turkey, each bank has different procedures for housing loans. You can easily get a loan from familiar banks such as banks with a familiar name that gives private housing loans to Cyprus. You can make installments up to 24 months in Cyprus housing loans, which are given by guaranteeing the house you will buy. In addition, loans can be obtained for houses with Turkish vouchers and equivalent vouchers. There is a chance to get a loan in Turkish lira or foreign currency. Some banks may have loan facilities with interest rates as low as 1 or 2 years. It is possible to apply for a loan from banks' websites. Property for sale in Northern Cyprus are the most concrete examples of smart investments that will bring profit in the future. In addition, where we work together, our expert team will assist you in government affairs, title deeds, residence procedures, and other processes. Just 'click' to the pages where unique residences are listed at stunning prices.

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