One Of The Most Powerful Earthquakes That Türkiye Faced in History 

Life for some has privileges, and some are fortunate as you are right now, we do have to have gratitude for everything, the suffers and struggles that people have been through in one of the strongest earthquakes Türkiye ever had. İf you are not familiar with what happened read on.

When And Where The Earthquake Happened?

The unforgettable and catastrophic earthquake that we registered in Türkiye over the past 80 years occurred on February, 06 at 4.17 am with a strong magnitude of 7.8 hitting the Kahramanmaraş city as the epicenter of the earthquake affecting Gaziantep, towns and included Syria. The embody number of cities in proximity to the event quake had felt even miles and miles away including countries such as Iraq, Greece, and Cyprus.

How Many People Were Affected By The Natural Disaster?

You and I know that there is need for help increasing each day, by the time the earthquake struck the region registered a death toll of at least 2000 people with thousands of people injured, some passed away for weather conditions during the winter, and some still waiting for help. Time is against us when it comes to saving more lives, said the rescuers and local people.

Buildings have collapsed with an unrecognizable city look, it is a tremendous disaster, as you have seen from videos and pictures and according to scientists, this quake was large enough to be considered the biggest in the century with impressive damage never seen before.

The electricity and gas shut down, leaving people without shelter, and making citizens move into schools until the situation improves but honestly people are preoccupied with what will be the next step and how things will get back to normal. Nowadays, approximately 16 thousand people have lost their lives, and up to 60 thousand people injured.

Wish To Help?

İf you are willing to contribute with some help, you can donate through the channels below.



TL: TR73 0001 0017 4555 5555 5552 04

USD: TR 46 0001 0017 4555 5555 5552 05

EURO: TR 19 0001 0017 4555 5555 5552 06

GBP: TR 43 0001 0017 4555 5555 5553 56

Bank Swift Code No : TCZBTR2A


ZİRAAT BANK Account Numbers 

Branch Name: Çukurambar Kurumsal Şube

Branch Code: 2110


Account Name: Türkiye Kızılay Derneği 

TL Account NO: 2110-2868-5254  

TL IBAN NO: TR 4800 0100 2110 0000 2868 5254

USD Account NO:2110-2868-5255   

USD IBAN NO:TR 2100 0100 2110 0000 2868 5255  

EURO Account NO: 2110-2868-5256  

EURO IBAN NO: TR 9100 0100 2110 0000 2868 5256  

Realtor Global-Real Estate sends our sincere condolences to the families who lost a loved in the earthquake. Appreciate each other company, hug, and love constantly, and enjoy the best moments with your family. The world is united the world is only one now.

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