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Kaleiçi is within the borders of Muratpaşa, one of the five popular districts of Antalya. The narrow streets of Kaleiçi, where you will feel like you are on a journey in the past, will take you to ancient times. Mediterranean district hosted many civilizations. Sometimes it was a home for pirates and known as a pirate harbor.

To understand the history of Kaleiçi, we should check the history and fine examples of Antalya real estate. Antalya was located on the borders of the Ancient Pamphylia Region. It was founded by Attalos and took the name Attaleia. Kaleiçi started to grow rapidly within the Bergama Empire’s conquer. Pirates took control for a while after the collapse of the Pergamon Empire, it became a shining settlement when the Roman Empire took over the city.

During the Roman period, the historical walls were expanded, and with the acceleration of trade, Attaleia became one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean. Hadrian, one of the most important rulers of the Roman Empire, visited Attaleia. Hadrian’s Gate, one of the most valuable structures of the city today, crowns Kaleiçi by taking the greatest evidence of the visit of that day.

In the Ottoman period, Antalya, which was previously bound to the Anatolian State, also functioned as a prince sanjak for a short period where Ottoman princes trained in this place before having a chance to attempt to become a Sultan.

There are approximately 3000 houses in Kaleiçi, which has become more magnificent with the renovations made today and some are even used daily as real estate in Antalya by some official institutions. The Kaleiçi district, which was declared a “Protected Area” in 1972, and the Antalya Inner Harbor, are places that must be protected with their unique texture. Antalya Kaleiçi, which is over 2000 years old, is one of the rare areas that have been inhabited until today. The traces left by different civilizations from the Hellenistic Period to the Ottoman Empire will take you on a unique journey in Kaleiçi.




The Antalya Museum (Antalya Muzesi) is an archaeological museum in one of Turkey’s most popular resorts. As one of Turkey’s largest museums, it contains thousands of ancient and prehistoric artifacts accompanied by thorough explanations of their history.

The museum is located to the west of Kaleiçi, Antalya, Turkey. The modern province of Antalya contains dozens and dozens of Hellenic, Hellenistic, and Roman cities and towns as well as many prime archaeological sites. Many of the best artifacts from all of these sites form an integral part of Antalya Museum’s outstanding collection.

The museum was founded as a result of Italian archaeologists removing many treasures from the city center at the end of the First World War. To prevent this from happening, the Sultan’s advisor applied to be a voluntary curator of antiquities, and this first established Antalya Museum to try and collect and preserve what remained.

The pieces at the Antalya Museum come from a variety of sites around Turkey and are divided thematically into ’halls’, with each relating to a different period. The museum includes a wealth of statues and sculptures from the Roman period, the majority of which were found during the excavations of nearby Roman cities such as Perge. These astonishing ancient statues are the museum’s most famous exhibits and are responsible for international renown. The most famous of these statues is undoubtedly the marble Heracles.




Have you rafted in a boat drifting in ice-cold water? If you haven't tried yet, don't miss Köprülü Canyon! You will have the most amazing and refreshing experience possible. Köprülü Canyon is one of the popular attractions in Antalya and gathers hundreds of tourists every day in the summer. Rafting is the most popular activity in Köprülü Canyon. Apart from rafting, you can explore the region by trekking to take in the historical and natural texture of the region. You should definitely see the stone bridges that the canyon gets its name from. Köprülü Canyon is also great if you are interested in other sports such as horseback riding, safaris or camping. Rafting in ice-cold spring water in the scorching heat of the summer is a wonderful experience! Köprüçay hosts water sports eight months of the year. The best route for rafting is on Köprüçay, where many travel agencies organize rafting tours. Boats, paddles, lifejackets, and helmets are provided for these tours. The 12 km-long rafting route consists of various difficulty levels. 8-10 people can easily fit in one rafting boat. Apart from that, there are also kayaking boats that can hold two people.




Perge, which is the closest to the Antalya city center, ancient city that is one of Turkey’s cultural treasures. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List thanks to the importance of the ruins and artifacts found in the excavations in addition to being one of the largest and most important ancient settlements that have survived as a whole. The reason why Perge is a favorite settlement for history and art lovers is that it was one of the most important sculpture production centers of the Ancient Age. The Antalya Museum, where the statues uncovered during the excavations are exhibited, is considered one of the richest Roman sculpture museums in the world. After the ancient city, a visit to the Museum will give you clues about the splendor Perge once had and will increase your admiration for the city.

Perge lived the most brilliant years in the Roman domination of the 2nd and 3rd century AD. Most of the buildings, seen today, belong to this period. However, the story of settlement goes much older. When the ancient city was entered, the two towers, which attracted the first attention, were still admired by its splendor even most of them had been demolished. The two towers are regarded as the symbol of Perge. Once upon a time, there was the main gate, which ensured the entrance to the city. There is a 300 meters long street leading to the monumental fountain behind the towers. Anyone who entered the city would follow this street after passing through the gate. To know that you stepped in the same place as anyone who lived here 2,000 years ago, including Saint Paul, will enhance your enjoyment. 




Konyaalti Beach, which stretches for 7 kilometers or more west of Antalya in southwestern Turkey, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Antalya on the Mediterranean coast. The water in Konyaalti Beach is blue flag quality, which means that it is safe for swimming and you won’t have to go far to find all the necessities. Konyaaltı Beach and the surrounding area are distinguished by providing a range of enjoyable recreational activities that attract the attention of visitors to the city from everywhere. The sand on the beach is pebbly rather than fine, which helps keep the water pure. With the Beydaglari Mountains in the background and a verdant park in the foreground, it might be easy to forget you’re on a city beach when the scenery is this beautiful. Konyaalti Beach has a variety of amenities such as shade trees, tables, stalls, cafes, and restaurants. Additionally, the facility provides beach umbrellas and beach chairs for rent, as well as showers, restrooms, and other amenities. The walking lanes around the beach is bustling with activity, and there are several rental alternatives along the shore, including electric bikes and scooters. Furthermore, there are numerous hotels placed directly on the beach which also shows great examples of Antalya real estate. If you are seeking anything beyond merely lying on the beach, Konyaalti is a terrific destination. You can relax and sunbathe while enjoying the beauty of the picturesque beach with small pebbles, fine sand, and warm clear seawater. You can practice a variety of beach activities and water sports such as swimming, windsurfing and tennis, paragliding and thermal balloons. You can also enjoy the entertainment atmosphere offered by the Konyaalti beach cafes during the weekends with live performances, and the city’s ballrooms offer live concerts in the open air.




The 30-kilometer-long Düden River plunges down a waterfall twice on its way out of the Taurus Mountains. A waterfall is on the coast of Antalya where the waterfall pours from 40 meters high into the sea. The upper Düden waterfall is located 15km north of the coast. It’s located in a small nature park, with a breathtaking cave as its backdrop. The water of the Düden River arises from the Kirkgözler and Pinarbasi springs in the Taurus Mountains. The two watercourses come from the mountains and meet after a few kilometers to become the actual Düden river. Shortly afterward, the water disappears again. 14 kilometers further, it returns to the surface in Antalya’s Kepez district. From there, you will travel only a few kilometers more to reach the upper Düden waterfall. The upper Düden waterfall belongs to Antalya’s Kepez district. This is one of the fastest-growing areas which contributed new built real estate in Antalya. Up until a few years ago, there were only a few vegetable fields in the area. In the meantime, many of the unoccupied areas around the waterfall have been built up. Although a new district is developing around the Düdenbasi Nature Park, none of this is noticeable in the park. With its tea gardens overgrown by tall trees, the park is one of the natural hubs in Antalya. That makes the small forest area in the otherwise lively Antalya a real oasis of nature. The water of the Düden falls down, exactly on the 40-meter-high cliffs of Antalya by the sea, and for the second time, the waterfalls down a waterfall. This natural spectacle is one of the top attractions in Antalya. The rush of the falling water and the comparatively small people make the waterfall seem incredibly powerful. The force of the falling water is noticeable in the cool breezes around the waterfall. You can even feel it on the upper side of the cliff. You can see the lower Düden waterfall from the sea in a boat or from the park on the upper side of the cliffs. 

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