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Apartments for Sale in Cyprus - Cyprus Apartments for Sale

We would like to point out that an investor who wants to learn everything about apartments for sale in Cyprus is right in front of a smart investment door. There are many points we would like you to learn before taking you into this unique and beautiful world. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, with its warm Mediterranean climate, famous beaches, and rich hotel options, is among the favorite holiday destinations of both Turks and foreign tourists. Revealing all the beauty of the Mediterranean, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus also draws attention with its fascinating nature, favorable living conditions, and schools that provide education at international standards. If you want to live in an island country, Northern Cyprus may be the right address for you.

Especially the capital Nicosia, Kyrenia with touristic hotels, and Famagusta, a port city; It is one of the most preferred cities to buy a house. No matter where you are from in the world, you can buy a house in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as all world citizens. Cyprus is an island country located in the Mediterranean region, which is also called the offspring homeland and does not require a visa. Greeks live in the southern part of the island and Turks live in the northern part. There are many historical places to see in Cyprus. At the same time, there are many activities you should do after you come to Cyprus. As a holiday paradise and a region where life flows rapidly, the development of cheap apartments for sale in Cyprus also shows a rapid course. Owning property for sale in Cyprus is a great investment for the future and a high-income investment. You are carrying out an action that you will leave to future generations, your children and the generations after you, and that they will always remember you.

According to the laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, there are no citizenship prerequisites to buy a house in the country. This situation allows the dreams of holidaymakers coming to Northern Cyprus to buy a summer house come true. First of all, let us remind you that Turks also have foreign status in the TRNC. Although it is a condition for foreigners to own 1 real estate in the country, it is possible for other members of the family other than the spouse to buy a house for sale in Cyprus on their behalf. If you want to own more than one real estate in your name in Northern Cyprus, the laws require you to establish a company with international capital. As a foreign citizen, you have to apply to the Council of Ministers to get the title deed of the house in the TRNC. While it may take up to 12 months for the citizens of other foreign countries to obtain the permit, it is stated as approximately 2 months for the citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

Buy a house in Cyprus so you can get a 1-year residence permit. After completing 3 years, you can apply for an indefinite residence permit. You have to renew your residence permit every year for the first 3 years with the title deed transfer. Looking at the rates, it can be said that the Turkish Republic f Northern Cyprus real estate taxes are reasonable enough to make buying a house attractive. If you rent the house you bought, you are expected to pay 10% of your income with withholding tax. Apart from this, a small amount of annual property tax is paid, but there is no separate income tax. From this point of view, you will understand how inexpensive it is to start a life in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. While no life is that costly, Mediterranean life gives you both peace and savings. You can understand from the feeling of peace that fills you that you are examining the apartments for sale in Cyprus, which is the apple of the Mediterranean's eye. Get ready to find a luxury house in the right location, close to the sea, at more reasonable prices, with a real estate agent who will help you with the budget. We are here to tell you in which location you will save more.

Apartments for Sale in Cyprus

Cyprus house prices, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; It consists of 6 districts: Famagusta, Girne, Guzelyurt, Iskele, Lefke, and Nicosia. The prices of apartments in the most preferred districts to buy a house vary according to square meters and location. House prices are the prices of the houses in the specified neighborhoods according to their locations. To give an example, according to the calculation, you can pay an average of £137,610 for a 90 square meter house in Nicosia, while you can own a house of the same size in Famagusta for £55,530. Your real estate consultant will calculate these prices more accurately according to your budget and offer options. As Realtor Turkey, Turkey's most specialized real estate company, we offer you 3 options. With our expert teams, we can find cheap apartments for sale in Cyprus by owners and make deals that will make the prices suitable for our budget. On the other hand, we can lighten your load with easy payment and flexible installment payment plans in our project apartments in Cyprus. With the loans you can withdraw from contracted banks, you can become a homeowner with 30% down payment and the rest with installments. Our other option is to make the flat you are considering for investment more profitable. Instead of a house, you can buy two very cheap houses, have these two flats well maintained, rent or resell them at high prices.

You tell us your budget and we'll help you make a living. If you want to get an average price for the house in your mind, we can say that it is really possible to find property for sale in Cyprus under 50k. Not a dream. After deciding on the budget and the path you will take, focus on the good days you will spend in Cyprus. Cyprus is sunny and pleasant 300 days a year, so there is no specific season for holidays in Cyprus. When you have a house by the sea, you can have the perfect vacation you want whenever you want. Moreover, owning a house in Cyprus is not only a profitable investment, it also offers affordable options in terms of Cyprus house prices.

Luxury apartments for sale in Cyprus by the sea on the island, which is always dynamic in terms of tourism, are very valuable in terms of rental income. Cyprus is one of the first islands that come to mind when it comes to an idyllic holiday all over the world. Cyprus, the island of free entertainment, peaceful daily life and a four-season holiday, offers great opportunities for home investments. Real estate is the most developed sector in Cyprus. It will be a very enjoyable experience to dive into the unique sea, explore its historical buildings and ancient city, try the special dishes of Cyprus and watch the Cyprus beaches from the unique view of your balcony.

The value of Cyprus apartments for sale increases day by day and adds value to their value. Developing economy and smart investors always make profit and leave a great gift for future generations. Does it make sense to buy a house in Cyprus? This answer depends on why you want to buy a house in Northern Cyprus. Are you dreaming of a retirement in Northern Cyprus or do you want to make an investment with high rental income? Northern Cyprus can be seen as an escape point for those who are tired of the stress of the big city. In an island country; Traffic problems, environmental pollution or an extremely busy lifestyle are not expected in megacities. You can swim at a beach within walking distance of your home at any time of the day, open a store for tourists and earn your living there, or you can study English at the distinguished universities of the TRNC. In short, if you are dreaming of a life intertwined with nature in an island country, Northern Cyprus may be the place for you. Answer buy a house in Cyprus and find peace.

Those who are considering buying a house in Cyprus as an investment will definitely find a house according to their budget. House prices in the TRNC will be more affordable compared to other islands in the Mediterranean. The region of the house you will buy and its valuation potential are also important in this regard. For example, due to the developing economic activities in the capital Nicosia or the increasing number of touristic hotels in Kyrenia, it can be seen as an attractive opportunity to buy a real estate in these cities. When you look at the amortization period, the houses in the Turkish Republic of Nothern Cyprus can pay for themselves in a shorter time than the houses in Istanbul. If a house you buy in Istanbul pays for itself in a period of 20 years or more, you have the possibility to earn back your money in an average of 10-15 years in the Cyprus. Although the official currency of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the Turkish lira, the British pound is widely used as a foreign currency. You can get a high return on your rent by renting out the house you bought with British pounds.

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