Why Your Health Will Improve After Moving To Turkey?

Health services in  Turkey may be one of your reasons for investment. When you look at health services in Europe, you will benefit from services that appeal to your budget savings and allow you to receive services in various scopes. 

In Turkey's 81 provinces, you can easily access a wide range of areas from public to private hospitals. If you realize your real estate investment preferences by moving to  Turkey, you can get closer to benefiting from health services. You can do this by investing in real estate for Turkish Citizenship or you can benefit from national health services. Let's take a look at where and how you can receive services.

How Is Health Care in Turkey?

 Turkey's health services are diverse in every respect. With a strong health policy, you can keep your finances protected, benefit from early diagnosis and treatment opportunities, and see the diversity of vaccination and increased use of medicines to protect your health. Real estate investment in Turkey is advantageous in terms of healthcare services. Compared to European countries, you can see that the health policy is stronger, more diverse, and more affordable. When you invest in Turkish Citizenship or decide to move to Turkey, you will be able to evaluate the alternatives offered by your health insurance. 

 Turkey's health policy organizations are divided into public and private. These situations have different advantages from each other. When you examine the real estate market in Turkey, investors evaluate their general decisions based on health services. This is because Turkey is in the top 5 due to its thriving health tourism. Istanbul and Antalya are the most preferred regions for health services in Turkey. From aesthetics to hair transplantation, traditional medicine treatments, the latest technological devices, reliable health insurance, and budgets meet all the needs of investors. 

T.R. Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca evaluated the budget allocated to health in 2023. He stated that the resources allocated to preventive health care in Turkey had increased 8 times more than the figures carried to date and increased to 84 billion and 39 million Turkish Lira. At the same time, he said that 57 thousand patients have been transported by air ambulance, 31 thousand by sea ambulance, and 6 million by land ambulance. The number of healthcare professionals employed always increases. This is because many university hospitals are in active service and many hospitals or clinics are in service.

Which Organizations Provide Health Services in Turkey?

When you invest in real estate in Turkey you may also be benefiting from health services. There are public and private hospitals in Turkey that you can find when you have an illness or want to give your aesthetic appearance a new perspective. The types of hospitals in the public sector are as follows:

1. State Hospitals: While offering health services equally to everyone, it is advantageous in terms of providing free health services where many medical departments and studies are carried out. It is important that your general health insurance covers these services. It provides ease of appointment through the E-State System. 

2. City Hospitals: Increasing the variety of health services in Turkey after the pandemic affecting the whole world, state-of-the-art technology studies, and the development of health policies with developing services internationally. 

3. Training and Research Hospitals: In addition to being high in terms of medical equipment adequacy, it also allows for the successful progress of research, first intervention, and subsequent processes in the early diagnosis and treatment of possible diseases in developing health services. 

Private hospitals services also offer different services. This is advantageous in many ways for those who have comprehensive health insurance as well as general health insurance. Compared to European countries, general examinations, surgeries, and medicines are more affordable. 

1. Private/Foundation Hospitals: These are hospitals that are affiliated with a foundation organization and have branches in many regions in terms of developing health services. You can choose institutions that have agreements with many health insurances in Turkey. In this way, you will have advantages in your budget and health services. 

2. Clinics: Aside from private hospitals, medical centers are working on specific issues. Aesthetic services such as fillers, botox, traditional complementary medicine methods, and non-surgical rejuvenation in areas such as allowing tourists to come to Turkey through health tourism.

3. Private Practices: You can go to a doctor's office that you think will provide you with the best service based on your research. These services are contracted with your health insurance, offer quick appointments, and are easy to access. 

When you invest in real estate in Turkey, you can benefit from a wide range of health services in public and private hospitals. You can do this through the comprehensive services of your personal health insurance as well as your general health insurance. You can find reliable, hygienic, state-of-the-art equipment and much more.

Why Life in Turkey Is Preferable in Terms Of Health Care Services?

Making your real estate investment in Turkey and deciding to move is equivalent to investing in your future. For this reason, you should also consider your future while making your investments. You should prioritize the processes you need to evaluate in terms of the variety of healthcare services. Here are the reasons for investing in health services:

1. Location Close to Health Services: You can choose a region where you can go to public or private health institutions at any time. This offers you centrality in areas that guarantee your healthy life, from the convenience of appointments. It facilitates access to many pharmacies, physical medicine,e and rehabilitation centers in the areas where the hospital is located. It also makes it easier to keep your appointments. 

2. Accessible Health Services: When investing in real estate, you can benefit from the medical and treatment services covered by your general or private health insurance. 

3. Diverse Natural Areas: Natural beauty is one of the sources of healthy living in Turkey. The efficiency of the climatic conditions, the abundance of green areas, and the presence of wetlands help you to gain motivation in your treatment and to heal physically.

4. Affordable Prices: Life in Turkey is quite advantageous compared to health services in Europe. The fact that health services can be provided with lower budgets is one of the reasons why investors prefer Turkey. 

5. Technology: The latest technological devices, current health trends and hygiene conditions are the complementary trio in your search for a health service. Early diagnosis and accurate examination of your treatments allow you to benefit from healthcare services

In many aspects of life and healthy living in Turkey, you may be faced with central locations, accessible healthcare services, affordable budgets, and technology. You can make your real estate investments in Turkey by choosing regions that provide easy access to healthcare services. At the same time, by investing in real estate, you open the doors to Turkish Citizenship and public health services. You can ensure ease of investment by securing both your physical and mental health. 

Realtor Global helps you with your real estate investments as well as your consultant in region preferences. You can evaluate your real estate investments with us in many ways. You can catch the advantages of living in Turkey by investing.

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