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Watch What Our Clients Say About Us!

Property for Sale in Türkiye - Real Estate in Türkiye

Real estate is a profitable investment tool of every period. When it comes to making a profit, investors' eyes turn to Türkiye. The most important thing to invest in property for sale in Türkiye is the income from these investments.

In order to make a profit in real estate in Türkiye, first of all, it is necessary to calculate the right income, find the right real estate company, and the right negotiator. If you are considering buying a house for real estate investment, careful advice awaits you for this process.

Property for Sale in Türkiye - Real Estate in Türkiye

Where Is The Best Place to Buy a Property in Türkiye?

There is a big difference between owning a house and buying the right property in Türkiye. Our home is the first place where we reflect our view of life to the outside world. When making your decision to buy a house, you must first take into account the requests and criteria such as 'the purpose of purchasing this house, the location of the apartment, the budget, and the properties of the real estate. For example, for a holiday home, are you planning to buy a house, where you will live for a long time, or real estate for investment purposes? This question is the first question you need to answer.

Real Estate in Turkey

Here are the main cities we will recommend to you to buy property in Türkiye, where every corner is a different paradise, and their advantages are listed as follows:

ALANYA: It is one of the first addresses to own Real Estate in Alanya and doubles your earnings. With its location advantage, scenery, and natural life, Alanya gives its investors the feeling of an endless holiday in real estate. Enjoy the transformation of 5-star hotel concept real estate and the real estate you buy into a high-yield investment for city life between the mountains and the sea.

ANTALYA: If we are talking about real estate in a place that is the capital of tourism, Real Estate in Antalya is the most concrete example of this subject. Owning a house in Antalya, where tourism is the most intense, means the beginning of a serene holiday in your life. Antalya, which does not rank first in satisfaction surveys, is a magnificent city known to the whole world, where millions of people flock not only for visits but also for investment property.

ISTANBUL: Real Estate in Istanbul is a powerhouse, hub for luxury retail, accommodation, education, premium residences, and much more. Istanbul has the highest concentration of wealth, education, lifestyle, and infrastructure. It is an important metropolitan city where investors buy the property and make a profit with its historical sites and magnificent views.

MERSIN: Mersin is a point that combines important tourism and city life on the southern coastline. It offers the concept of peace and security with its structures overlooking the perfect nature and golden sands, dominated by Turkish tourism in general. Real Estate in Mersin is a perfect fit for those looking for city life and serene holiday life.

CYPRUS: Although it is a small place to invest in Real Estate in Northern Cyprus with the developing economic conditions, it offers investment opportunities to a large extent due to its rapidly growing economy. Cyprus has the island's best beaches and the most spectacular natural and unspoiled landscapes. It is one of the right addresses for investment, as the luxury apartments here are sold at lower prices than their values.

BODRUM: Halicarnassus! It is best to say that Bodrum is one of the 7 wonders of the world, which not only attracts the attention of European and domestic tourists but is visited and invested in by the whole world. Real Estate in Bodrum is like investing in the most valuable pearl of the Aegean. It always preserves and increases its value. It comes with all the amenities you would want to have in a property.

YALOVA: Located in the middle of big metropolises and transportation projects, Yalova is gaining value with each passing day in terms of location, and manages to eliminate its competitors in tourism and real estate investment. Real Estate in Yalova signals that it will host its investors by combining tourism and city life and being the first stop of fair and congress centers.

Buying a Real Estate in Turkey

How Much Does Real Estate in Türkiye Cost?

When you decide to buy a property, the budget will be the most important criterion. This stage can be planned much easier than in other countries with the payment opportunities offered by Real Estate in Türkiye, construction companies, and bank loans.

The suitability of property features to your wishes will be an important criterion in your budget calculations. Get help from your real estate agent and ask, "How much should I budget for a smart investment that you can buy with confidence and profit with success?"

Prices of flats for sale in Türkiye may vary depending on the features and facilities you are looking for. Apartment prices in Türkiye vary between 25,000 € and 5,000,000 €. You can find apartments for sale in Türkiye, in this price range, residences in a complex with many facilities with the features you are looking for and with a location with a view. Investors who care more about their privacy and peaceful life and love garden life can own villas for sale in Türkiye with prices starting from 55.000 €.

Buying a house from the project in Türkiye has flexible payment plans such as low first-stage prices and bank loans. At the end of the project, high profits can be obtained when the apartments that are valued in terms of price are sold.

What Are The Advantages of Buying a Real Estate in Türkiye?

Türkiye is an ideal country where investors from all over the world can find the perfect property to suit their lifestyles. Take advantage of having expert advisors on luxury real estate for discerning individuals looking for a home that creates a unique lifestyle experience when buying real estate in Türkiye. Buying a house in Türkiye provides the privilege of purchasing the essence of luxury at affordable prices. If you love the beach, rent a private villa property by the beach or by the lake, with mountain views, or even your very own in Türkiye. If you love the outdoors, choose your lifestyle from endless options such as a ski, mountain or holiday home, beach house, city.

Another advantage of owning a property in Türkiye is the right to acquire Turkish citizenship with investment properties or your permanent residence, a global and local commercial portfolio support system, and also a system where they can experience the privilege of consultancy under the roof of Türkiye.

If you own a house in Türkiye, another important advantage that will meet you is affordable housing prices, flexible payment plans, and the opportunity to buy housing in installments, most importantly, residence permit in Türkiye for all family members guaranteed housing quality and certificate opportunities.

Properties for Sale in Turkey

How to Buy a Property in Türkiye?

If you are thinking about how to buy property in Türkiye or how to buy property in Türkiye, we have the answers. Türkiye is among the countries that host many tourists with its unique beauties. Many tourists who come for vacations and trips want to own a house in Türkiyeand research the Turkish Real Estate conditions of foreigners. It is known that the demand for foreigners to own a house in Türkiye has increased especially recently.

The stages of real estate investment in Türkiye are easy, but there are points to be considered at every stage. Realize your dream in Türkiye with the important steps to follow.

There are some points you need to know when you want to buy houses in Türkiye. You do not need to be a citizen of the country to buy or rent a property in Türkiye. First of all, you should apply to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre and consulates to find out which country's citizens can obtain a residence permit from Türkiye. The property you want to buy must not be within the military security zone. Afterward, deed transfer transactions can be made by making an appointment with the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. Here are the documents you will need: Identity/Passport, real estate current document, title deed of the real estate you want to buy, real estate appraisal report, compulsory earthquake insurance.

Real Estate in Türkiye, you can use your property as you wish after the necessary applications have been made and the necessary documents have been prepared. It is very easy to own a house in one of the world's favorite cities, which host thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. Just take a look at the property options that we have carefully selected for you and you just have to choose the one you want. You choose the lifestyle you dream of, let expert consultants help you register it.

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