Which Houses Are Safer in Turkey? New Or Old?

There are many types of properties for sale in Turkey, new, old, and urban renewal. How can you tell which one is safer? is a question that often crosses the minds of every investor who wants to invest in properties for sale in Turkey. With the developing technology, the expectations of the people living in the houses are also increasing. 

While investing in real estate in Turkey provides assurance to the investor in many respects, it is a country open to development and questions how to renew, transform, and how the city and nature should take precautions against natural disasters. Living a safe life is one of the criteria evaluated by tenants as well as property owners. 

Many areas where you can live your life are among the housing preferences in Turkey. In this blog, we will talk about the safety criteria of old and new houses, their resistance to natural disasters, and the benefits of urban transformation. Remember that safety is always the first rule before becoming an investor.

What Are The Investment Properties in Turkey? Is It Safe To Live in These Houses?

Investing in properties for sale in Turkey that meet your need for comfort in your life will give you an advantage in every aspect. You may ask why should I invest in real estate in Turkey. Our blog on this subject will shed light on your questions. Click here.

Within real estate investments, many residences and detached areas are built on lands and plots. Buildings that are identified with the neighborhood culture, residences, and detached villas that develop in a complex contribute to your life. At the same time, there are shanty-type buildings that Turkey has been maintaining for the past years, but since this type is not built in a legal way and sufficient materials are not used, it undergoes urban transformation and turns into luxurious, robust, and reliability-tested areas. If you want to live a safe life, you need to address your needs when investing in housing in Turkey. 

You may want to make sure that housing is safe. Are old buildings safer or new ones? It may be a question that comes to your mind and may lead you in different directions. The important thing here is not the year in which it was built, but whether it will cause problems for the property owner in the future. As a result of natural disasters, construction without precautions, residences without a residence permit, and buildings with incomplete materials can be destroyed. If you want to invest in Turkey, you should prefer areas that are covered by TCIP, residence permits, and various housing insurances

There are also security measures taken for buildings when becoming an investor. Whether your building is old or new is just some of the criteria that give you a secure life. Old buildings, as well as new buildings, are arranged in a way that protects the residence permit, is repaired and maintained every year with insurance, is painted, is away from natural disaster areas, and is suitable for all weather conditions because it is made of solid materials. If you want to buy a house, it is extremely important to invest in your future.

How Can You Tell If Old and New Houses in Turkey Are Reliable?

There are many criteria to make sure that old and new buildings are safe. From the way it is built, to the materials, to the region, to the features inside, you should review the qualities that affect your investment. It is also good news that the building is undergoing urban transformation. There are many areas where you can live, from apartments to villas. In general terms, you can find properties in every region of Turkey where you can evaluate old and new houses and live a life that is compatible with safety and a lifetime guarantee. 


Criteria Indicating That Old And New Houses Are Safe And Earthquake Resistant:

  • The area where your home is located: The area in which you live is also important. If the area you live in is on the edge of a valley or in a streambed, it means that it is not solid. For this reason, you need to live in houses with solid rocky ground, away from earthquake zones, and without embankments. If you are unsure about the earthquake safety of your area, you should definitely have an earthquake resistance test. At the same time, you can check the house’s robustness by entering your E-State information at https://tdth.afad.gov.tr
  • The structural system of the dwelling: The materials of your residence may be reinforced concrete frame, steel frame, masonry, or wood. Material analysis is carried out by expert civil engineers. According to these criteria, the durability of the building, villa, or residence you live in is determined.
  • Robust materials on the house: In order to prevent any cracks, water leakage, or spillage in the future, the house should be made of quality materials and insulated. A brand new future is built with heat and sound-insulated, first-class, and long-lasting materials. 

  • Height of the house: If the buildings are preferred with smaller floors or if your detached living spaces are maintained in a duplex or triplex scale, the housing rules of the land and the region should be considered. You can get information about the zoning plans of your province and district in Turkey. 
  • The adjacency of the dwelling: The fact that your house is side by side, in other words, in the form of a contiguous order, is a criterion that develops with height.  If the rules in accordance with the earthquake regulations are adhered to, you can safely buy a house.

In addition to the year of construction of the building, many issues such as what material your property is made of, whether it complies with earthquake regulations and whether it has insurance, and whether it is applied according to the floor permit determine the robustness criteria. This situation prevents not only earthquakes but also disasters such as floods and fires. 

What Is Urban Transformation And Why Is It Preferred?

Urban transformation refers to the renewal of unsound dwellings under threat according to modern criteria. With the publication of Law No. 6306 on the Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk, the buildings at risk are identified. The process starts with the receipt of the Risk Determination Report, the finalization of the report, and the temporary residence of the people living in it in other residences for a while. The buildings renewed with urban transformation are reliable, robust, resistant to earthquakes and all-natural disasters, and compatible with the technology. 

Features that maintain the comfort of life in urban transformation buildings:

  • Compatible with technology
  • Making a robust determination in the Risk Analysis Report
  • Natural gas, underfloor heating, central heating system
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Realization according to floor permit
  • Long-term life guarantee

There are ways to find out whether the house you live in is an urban regeneration area. Be sure to examine the urban transformation criteria via e-government

Criteria To Be Considered When Residing in Reliable Housing in Turkey

While investing in real estate, you can also see that villas, residences, houses with detached gardens, duplex apartments, penthouses, luxury houses, housing estates, and complexes come to the fore. There are many advantages that indicate that you are safe living in these apartments. Whether you are buying or renting a property, there are many advantages for your life and your future. 

  • Diversity of social life opportunities
  • High-security measures
  • Wide choice of apartment types
  • Increase in natural areas
  • 1st class quality floors, ceilings, and walls
  • Proven earthquake resistance of the region
  • Having assurances such as Dask, residence permit
  •  Majority of luxury preferences
  • Easy access to the police station, fire brigade, hospital, and residences in case of danger
  •  Measures such as fire escapes and generators
  • Elevator 
  • Smart home system

Many such features are among the options that allow you to live in safe, luxurious, and modern residences. While living a life of your own, the fact that your place is earthquake-resistant, sound and heat insulation, guarantees long-term life, and the necessary repair and structuring operations are carried out regularly, and open to development increases your desire for real estate for sale in Turkey. 

Realtor Global For Secure Future Investment

Realtor Global is the leading real estate company in the sector with a total of 6 offices in 4 countries and offers solutions to your real estate needs. We have teams that can provide you with information about the earthquake and all-natural disasters resistance of the property you will buy, the year in which the building was built and with which material, the soundness determination, and all other issues.

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