Where to Buy Property in Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean, considered the best seawater quality on the coast, and invites everyone to this appealing beach atmosphere. When you step onto the sandy beach, feel the summer breeze and luxury properties at affordable and profitable prices. You won’t leave the island without the stunning, breathtaking sunsets and one of the warmest weather with incredible 300 days of sunshine, in the paradise island will not have cloudly days to complain about it. Northern Cyprus is also home to one of the best golf courses in the world. Some of the golf competitions taken there.

Most of us are concerned about making a profitable investment in a foreign country, which can have many doubts such as should I buy real estate in Northern Cyprus? Does it cost me too much? How can I rent it out? I do not know Northern Cyprus yet. To reply to most of those commonly asked questions, we will dig deep into buying a property in Northern Cyprus as an investment.

Realtor Turkey is one of the leading players in Real Estate Consultancy and investment market. Investors from more than 40 countries, including The United States, England, Germany, and İran, were guided and consulted by our knowledgeable investment team. We will lead you through the whole process of buying a property in Northern Cyprus. Extract the best potential of investment with high-income rentability.

Real Estate in Northern Cyprus

Where to buy a property in Northern Cyprus?

The island divided into two parts: Southern Cyprus and Northern Cyprus. On the Northern Cyprus side, there are plenty of friendly, historic, and prime neighborhoods to move in or invest.

The most popular locations are:

· Iskele is a serenity district in Northern Cyprus that has been developing over the years with new luxury properties. If you are looking for calmness and a unique long beach, the Iskele neighborhood welcomes you.

· Kyrenia: One of the historic districts famous for the iconic Kyrenia harbor, castles with spectacular panoramic vistas.İn a prestigious location is also the home of luxury property investments. On the other hand, it’s a central location with a Lot of cafes, restaurants, and shopping, with easy access to everything.

· Esentepe: Coastal refuge for those looking for a serenity neighborhood is growing in property investment for the stunning Mediterraneo sea, no doubt about this lovely and friendly family location.

· Tatlisu: One of the best areas to invest. Tatlisu is sophisticated, serene, and find out designed properties, along with historic places such as Ottoman Fountain, the Ancient City of Molulos, so much to explore throughout.

The colossal prime neighborhoods pointed as a guide to you decide what region fits better in your necessities, desires, and lifestyle as a new buyer. Whether the location does not appeal to you, we will redirect you to the one that suits you most.

The unparalleled views of the Mediterranean sea are a chance to invest in an outstanding property at affordable prices lowest cost of living and hot weather will bring to the not only the paradise island but also known for the healthy and tasteful Mediterranean cuisine. As you look up through the neighborhood areas, you will notice that they are equally safe, the levels of crimes in the country are lower. The education system is reliable. There are plenty of entertainment, diversion, and lounge beyond the expectations.  

People all over the globe wish to relocate to Northern Cyprus as the island offers an incredibly peaceful and stress-free lifestyle and a low cost of living compared to some countries in Europe or The Middle East. The magnificent Meditarrenean turquoise waters and the graceful views are only a reminder that you have chosen one of the best places in the world to live permanently or invest.

Where to buy property in Northern Cyprus

Don’t think that the activities in Northern Cyprus only involve the cliché beach. Uncountable possibilities to explore the mountains bit further and enjoy biking, hiking, and trails throughout its highly recommended.

Never be stuck in a traffic jam spending a long time in those killer’s lines. The traffic on the island is always calm and controlled. The town and villages have close proximities you can reach within a minute’s drive.

Why should I invest in Northern Cyprus?

The world has been living in one of the hardest and most delicate moments, the global markets and economies have been working on instability due to the Corona Virus and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. There was a time when we were all stuck at home. Do you remember it? Without going out and without human interactions, as soon as the time passed, hugs and meet-ups vanished away. The Real Estate market is booming and expanding so rapidly that the number sometimes can be unbelievable. In the current market, properties for investment in real estate in Northern Cyprus has grown by 20% yearly over the past four years. İn 2020-2021, as a consequence of The Corona Virus, an average of 20% yearly growth has dropped down. İn 2022, the properties in Northern Cyprus expected to have a strong growth development between 5-10% or even more depending on the global markets.

How much is the property in Northern Cyprus?

Investing in a property with Realtor Turkey is the best you can do. We centralized your budget to maximize the potential of each investment. The main advantage of buying a property on the lovely island is that the range prices, from €59.000 to €400.000 varying, according to location, features, furnished or unfurnished.

How much is the Real Estate in Iskele, Northern Cyprus?

Off-plan apartments and villas for sale in Iskele, Northern Cyprus cost between € 60.000-€350.000. Opportunity to pay at your pace as offer down payments and up to 24 months payment plan.

How much is the Real Estate in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus?

Apartments and villas for sale in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus cost is a bit higher compared to the İskele neighborhood you can find affordable homes with prices starting from € 60.000 up to €450.000. Payment plans are available with low tax rates and up to 36 months of payment plans.

How much is the Real Estate in Esentepe, Northern Cyprus?

Villa and apartments for sale in Esentepe, Northern Cyprus in a region with panorama sea views will have to invest between € 70.000 up to €350.000.

How much is the Real Estate in Tatlisu, Northern Cyprus?

Off-plan apartments and villas for sale in Tatlisu, Northern Cyprus offer incredible sea beach front and sophistication and design. The Price varies from € 70.000- € 530.000.

How much is real estate in Northern Cyprus

Whether you invest or relocate, we will guide you smoothly, step by step. It has never been a better time to get a property in Northern Cyprus. Why? The average price of a property is low compared to other countries, with low cost of living, low maintenance, friendly and welcome people, and high potential income no matter where you get your home sweet home. Remote hidden beaches the more you explore the island more you see.


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