2023 Uefa Champions League History To Be Made In Istanbul!

The annual UEFA Champions League competition continues! The excitement of fierce competition in the football community! Every year, the European Federation of Football Association organizes the Champions League, a tournament in which the first-division teams of the federation compete.  In Europe's most prestigious football tournament, teams are taking their place in the spectacular final, where many countries are together and maintain their unity with the desire to win the victory! 

The date, opponents, and venue of the UEFA Champions League have been announced. The opponent of Galatasaray, which is in the first league, has also been announced! You can find all these details in our article. At the same time, we are following the UEFA Champions League, for which we are continuing negotiations to become a real estate sponsor in the 2023-2024 season.

What Is UEFA Champions League? When Is It played?

The European Federation Football Association, abbreviated UEFA, organizes a tournament between first-division teams starting in July every year. Starting from the preliminary round to the final, they compete for the Champions League trophy. Along with this vast love of football, football teams also gain an international identity. With its double-match qualifying system, the fate of many teams today is determined by this league. 

This excitement, where the champions of each country compete against each other, continues in 2023. The 2023 UEFA Champions League will have a double-elimination system every year. After three preliminary rounds and a playoff round, the group stage is played in a league format. 22 teams directly enter the tournament in the group stage. With the elimination system in place, 32 teams will take part in this stage. As a result of the matches played in 8 groups of four teams each, the teams that finish in the top two places in their groups advance to the next round, while the third-placed teams go to the UEFA Europa League. At the end of the knockout stage, matches are played with a double elimination system, and the season is completed with a one-legged final match played in May. The champion team qualifies to compete in the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup.

The UEFA Champions League, in which 5 football teams from the same country compete in a season, is considered to be an international competition that is known as Real Madrid, Manchester, and Inter and is followed with great interest in the stands, televisions, and social media with the love of football from all over the world.

UEFA Champions League 2023 In Istanbul! 

The UEFA Champions League, which keeps the pulse of the football community, takes place every year in mid-July. This tournament, which includes international first-league football teams, shares the excitement of football fans in 2023. 2023 UEFA Champions League Final Match Accordingly; Manchester City and Inter will meet. The Champions League Tournament will be played on Saturday, June 10, 2023.

The voice of the fans echoing in the stands this year will beat in the heart of Turkey. The final ball of the league to be played at Atatürk Olympic Stadium will have three symbols of Istanbul on it. The stars in the star-shaped symbols represent Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, July 15 Martyrs Bridge, and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

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Join the excitement of the 2023 UEFA Champions League in Istanbul!

Galatasaray's Opponent For The Preliminary Round Of The New UEFA Champions League Season Has Been Announced

Galatasaray, champions of the Super League for the 23rd time, have qualified for the preliminary round of the UEFA Champions League next season. The Lions of the Stand with their yellow-red colors will start the qualifiers from the 2nd round, not the 1st round, as Champions League finalists Inter and Manchester City have already qualified for the Champions League in their leagues.

Along with Galatasaray, the teams confirmed to be in the 2nd round are Molde from Norway, Copenhagen from Denmark, Dinamo Zagreb from Croatia, and Aris Limassol from Cyprus. Galatasaray, the 2023 Super League Champion, will compete in the 2nd preliminary round. Turkey's pride team, addressed as Ultra Lion, is the 3rd team with the best UEFA points among 20 teams.  Galatasaray will participate in the 2nd preliminary qualifying round as a seeded team.

Football Excitement Continues Uninterrupted with Realtor Global

Realtor Global is extending its leadership among international real estate companies to sponsorship. Our company is the first international real estate sponsor. We provide sponsorship services to football clubs such as Hull City, Corendon Alanyaspor Club, and Antalyaspor, one of the Super League teams. 

We continue our sponsorship activities in the English Premier League for football and EuroLeague for basketball. Our sponsorship activities that increase the prestige and recognition of the brand by Anıl Övençoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Realtor Global, remain in place.

With Realtor Global, we continue our excitement to be the "Global Real Estate Sponsor" in the real estate community. Contact our team now and be a part of this excitement!

We also wish success to all teams in the first league! We share your excitement and design your international real estate sponsorship future with confidence!

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