What is Turkish HES Code (Life Fits Home Code)?

Turkish HES Code, Within the scope of controlled social life It is a code that allows you to share with institutions and individuals in your transactions such as transportation or visits, whether you carry any risk in Covid-19 transmission. You can use this code while you are buying a plane ticket, or going to malls, cafes, restaurants, and banks. You have all the management and ruling of the HES Codes you make. You can share or delete your HES Code as long as you want.

What does HES Code do in Turkey?

What does HES Code do in Turkey?

Turkish HES Code wants to serve about your infection risk. Want to make it lower. It is used to inform you if other people you travel with have a positive Covid-19 test later. HES Code for foreigners in Turkey makes you safer and makes your risks lower.

How to get HES Code in Turkey?

It has 3 ways to make HES Code for foreigners

  • First, you need to download the HES app from Google Play or App Store then you can take your HES Code by using your foreigner ID number.
  • You have to open E-Government from your computer and then click to TR health association button then you can take your HES Code with your foreigner ID number.
  • If you have a Turkish number you can also take your HES Code by using SMS.
  • If you don’t have a foreigner ID number u have one more opportunity; your passport number. First, you need to write HES and then write your nation code, passport number, birthday, and surname, and finally you have to send your message to 2023. Your HES Code will come to your phone directly.

What do you need to know about HES Code?

  • Your HES Code time must be the same time with your travel
  • Every guest must get their own HES Code
  • HES Code is not allowed for 0-2 years old kids
  • Before and after your travel you must share your HES Code with travel agency
  • If something happens against during pandemic, travel agency can block your travel
  • Travel agencies have the right to restrict your travel in cases such as having a positive test result in Covid-19, during in quarantine and pandemic, not having HES Code, or presenting an incorrect identification number.

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