What is Iskan? Why is it important in real estate investments?

A housing permit is often required when investing in real estate in Turkey. Which conditions are required for the Iskan permit? You can find the answers to these questions in this blog, and if you pay attention before you become a homeowner, you can avoid many problems in the future. You can start by ensuring that houses with a residence permit for a secure life have an occupancy license. 

There are several conditions for obtaining the occupancy license, also called the Certificate of Occupancy Permit. If these conditions are not met, you may face some problems. If you build your investment future within the scope of legal obligations, you can be protected from natural disasters, potential problems, and much more.

What Is A Certificate Of Occupancy (Iskan)?

If the constructions are completed in full, the investor must obtain an occupancy license in order to be allowed to use the property. The license, also defined as the Certificate of Occupancy Permit, is obtained within the scope of the Zoning Law. In order to obtain this permit, the owner must apply. It is possible to obtain an occupancy permit in Turkey according to the decision made by looking at the physical and technical characteristics of the building. 

The certificate of occupancy is obtained in two different ways. One of the documents is called pre-occupancy. It can be obtained for the unfinished parts of the building before the construction is completed. When the general conditions for obtaining a certificate of occupancy are met, the property owner or the company responsible for the construction may issue a certificate of occupancy. In this way, a general occupancy license can be obtained.

Why Is It Important To Obtain A Housing License?

Obtaining an occupancy license for properties in Turkey is important in many ways. This permit must be obtained by the company officials or the property owner before making the completed properties suitable for use. In this way, investors can safely choose the building they will use. It is also one of the permits that must be applied for in terms of determining the reliability of the property and the adequacy of its physical conditions. 

All buildings constructed under the Zoning Law must obtain a building occupancy permit. An agreement is made with construction companies for a flat, land, or house. In case of slight negligence, you may lose the house and be involved in long-term legal struggles. For this reason, you can invest in accordance with the legal obligations of the occupancy license from the investments made within the framework of trust. 

In Turkey, you may face a number of problems if you do not obtain a building occupancy permit. Without an occupancy license, natural gas, electricity, and water subscriptions cannot be opened in apartments. A fine or demolition order may be issued for your apartment. Your costs will increase due to the lack of technical elements and the conditions that prevent you from obtaining a housing license. In addition, when you apply for a housing loan, a condominium easement is not enough. Institutions in Turkey require a housing license for housing loans.

Which Conditions to Consider When Obtaining a Housing License?

Buying property for sale in Turkey is one of the legal processes to apply for a building occupancy permit under construction or upon completion of construction. In order to obtain an occupancy permit, which is one of the conditions for the use of the invested property, several conditions must be met. If you meet the requirements for obtaining an occupancy permit in Turkey, you can get an occupancy license from the municipalities. If the construction is found suitable for use in terms of technical and physical inspections, this document remains valid for the construction company or property owner. 

Requirements for obtaining a certificate of occupancy;

  • Number of apartments in buildings
  • The floor area of the immovable
  • Construction area of the building
  • Total number of floors in the building
  • Height of the building
  • Unit cost
  • Total construction cost

In addition to these conditions, technical specifications are also examined to obtain a building permit in Turkey. It is the responsibility of the property owner and the construction company to ensure that conditions such as the heating system of the building, water installations, common areas, construction materials, and flooring techniques are sound in terms of use. Along with obtaining a building license, a settlement permit must be obtained within 5 years.  When buying a property in Turkey, it is beneficial for your investment to meet the conditions you need to know.

How To Obtain A Certificate Of Occupancy (Occupancy License)?

You can apply to the Zoning Directorate within the municipality that approved your building permit to obtain a settlement permit. According to the information in the application, the construction must be completed in every respect. Technical and physical features are examined according to the petition submitted for completion. If no problems are encountered, the property owner is entitled to receive a "Building Use Permit". 

A second option is to follow up on this permit via E-Government. You can review the necessary details at https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/bilim-sanayi-yap-kullanma-izin-belgesi-iskan-2297.

What Are The Advantages Of A Certificate Of Occupancy in Turkey?

It is one of the legal obligations in Turkey to obtain occupancy permits for land and buildings whose construction has been completed and which have a condominium easement. If not obtained, you may face problems in many aspects. At the same time, you may have concerns when investing. In order to eliminate these problems, the necessary conditions must be met. Housing also provides you with many advantages when investing.

Advantages of the Iskan license for property investors in Turkey;

  • You will not face any extra costs in buildings whose technical problems have been resolved and whose complete soundness has been determined. 
  • You can meet the condition of obtaining an occupancy license while obtaining a housing loan, and you can take advantage of flexible and installment payment opportunities from many projects under construction.
  • You can more easily obtain occupancy permits for your commercial investments. 
  • You can increase your chances of living in buildings that are resistant to natural disasters in terms of central heating, plumbing, thermal insulation, and construction materials used.
  •  You can maintain the buildings with occupancy licenses with reliable companies and fulfill your legal responsibilities completely.

You may need the support of a lawyer to meet the requirements for obtaining a building permit. Realtor Global provides the necessary legal support to property investors in the housing application and document-obtaining processes while assuring the constructions made on land with a housing license. In accordance with our portfolio, agreement, and customer satisfaction, we ensure the investment future of our investors with the assurance that all apartments, villas, and constructions have a housing license.

We do not have any agreements with construction companies or institutions that do not have a housing license and do not contain any assurance. All of our agreements are residential and office projects realized by reliable construction companies, we bring ready-qualified apartments together with our customers. 

Before making any investment, you can contact us and learn all the details about the housing license.

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