What Is An Apostille in Turkey And What Is It For?

Turkey is a popular destination for many investors, and it is important to be aware of certain procedures, such as the apostille of documents when moving to Turkey. Apostille is a concept many people encounter when moving to another country or processing various international documents.

In this blog, we will cover issues such as: what is an apostille for legalization and recognition in Turkey, what this process looks like, and why it is needed, and we will learn what documents need to be apostilled when moving to Turkey and where apostilization is required.

What Is An Apostille Recognition in Turkey?

An apostille is a special international seal or stamp affixed to documents for their legalization and recognition in other countries that are parties to the Hague Convention on Facilitation of Legalization of Foreign Documents. An apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature, seal, or stamp on a document and establishes its compliance with the laws of the participating country.

The Hague Apostille Convention was adopted on October 5, 1961, and Turkey has been a member since 1985.

For a full list of participating countries of the Hague Convention click here.

In other countries that are not a party to the Hague Convention, documents that have been apostilled will have no legal effect and cannot be used.

What Does An Apostille Look Like And What Is The Procedure For Apostilization in Turkey?

The Hague Convention did not provide for a specific rule concerning the form of the apostille. For example, while in some countries an apostille is issued in the form of a special certificate, in some others a special stamp is simply affixed to the document requiring an apostille. However, all countries have certain requirements regarding the information that must be included in an apostille.

For example, an apostille for documents in Turkey is an annotation in square form with a frame size of 9x9 cm, which is applied to an original document or its copy. The apostille includes the following data:

  • Country and place of issue;
  • Name of the official who issued the document;
  • Date and number of the apostille;
  • Signature and seal of the issuing institution;

An apostille is placed on original state documents, notarized copies of documents, and certified translations, and confirms the authenticity of all signatures, stamps, or seals affixed to letterheads and documents.

According to the existing rules, the apostille must be affixed in the country where the relevant document was issued. For example, if the document was issued in Turkey, you will not be able to have it apostilled in any other country. The Turkish authorities are also not authorized to apostille foreign documents.

In addition, an apostille cannot be placed at the country's consulates or embassies. For example, documents in Turkey are apostilled at the relevant governorates or district prefectures on the territory of the Republic of Turkey.

As for the procedure for applying for an apostille for a particular document, an individual or legal entity will need to submit the following documents to the authorized government agencies:

  • Original or certified copy of the document to be apostilled;
  • Application to the issuing institution, indicating the purpose of the apostille;
  • A copy of the passport or other document certifying the identity of the applicant;

If the application is submitted by a legal entity, in some cases, documents relating to their businesses may also be required.

What Documents Need To Be Apostilled When I Move To Turkey And Where Can I Need Them?

When moving to Turkey, an apostille may be required for such documents as birth and death certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, diplomas and certificates of education, certificates of criminal records, certificates of employment, notarized copies of driving licenses passports, medical forms, powers of attorney and other legal documents.

We can give some examples of situations in which you may need to have an apostille on documents when moving to Turkey:

  • For residence permits: Apostille documents such as birth and marriage certificates, educational diplomas, or certificates of criminal records may be required to apply for a residence permit in Turkey.
  • For education: For admission to a Turkish university, foreign students may sometimes be required to have their educational documents such as diplomas and high school diplomas apostilled.
  • For employment: Apostille documents may be required for employment in Turkey, especially if the employer requires proof of work experience or education. For example, if you are moving to Turkey for work, you may need an apostilled diploma of your higher education and a certificate of no criminal record for a work visa.
  • If getting married: If you are planning to get married in Turkey, you may need an apostilled birth or divorce certificate (if there have been previous marriages). This confirms the authenticity of the documents and their compliance with Turkish law.

Thus, when moving and buying real estate in Turkey, it is important to know the necessary documents and their correct execution, including the presence of an apostille. Apostille allows you to confirm the legality and validity of documents, which may be important in real estate transactions, as well as in other areas of life, such as obtaining a residence permit or a work permit. Having an apostille on documents can also make it easier to translate them into Turkish. Therefore, before buying a property or moving to Turkey, it is worth carefully studying the requirements for the necessary documents and their proper execution to avoid possible problems and delays in the process.

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