What Is Aidat? Who Is Obliged To Pay Aidat In Turkey?

Should property owners in Turkey take into account the cost of aidat, why aidat is paid, you need to pay attention to the questions before investing in real estate. Aidat is paid to cover expenses in public housing, land and many other areas and include different amounts. 

Investors, who are obliged to meet the aidat as well as the apartment costs, have many situations to pay attention to in this regard. This issue is also included in Articles 20 and 39 regulated in accordance with the Property Law. Aidat payment is not only valid for landlords, but also the tenant must pay this fee. Aidat is paid in buildings, workplaces, apartments and various residences. It is important to renew common living spaces in the community, to eliminate problems and to establish a secure future. 

In this article, you will learn about the importance of aidat in Turkey, how it is determined and it's legal validity. 

What Is Aidat? 

By the reason of the increasing housing needs, it is necessary to meet the common expenses within the sites, residences, collective housing areas, buildings, villas. This amount is called "Aidat". It has legal provisions in accordance with the Property Law and applies not only to residences but also to workplaces. The property owner and tenant are responsible for aidat payment to cover general expenses. 

Aidat payment is collected in equal amounts between the persons living in the same dwelling. They can be sent by bank transfer to a bank account or combined in cash in a common denominator. Thanks to the payment of apartment or housing estate expenses, individuals living in the dwelling can benefit from the facilities offered by the building. 

The work done by people such as gardener, apartment caretaker, site caretaker working in public housing areas is also included in the aidat and paid monthly. There are also many legal obligations in case of non-payment. Aidat is also paid every month according to the amount determined by the apartment managers in apartment buildings independent of any public housing. These agreements can be determined at site management meetings. When the aidat is paid, it is possible to find your living space more comfortable, safe and renewed. 

Who Pays The Aidat? For Which Living Areas?

The aidat is determined in different amounts. It is necessary to meet collective needs. The amount of payments made when buying real estate in Turkey is specified in advance by landlords or real estate companies. Although the amounts vary, they are paid for residences such as apartments, complexes, villas, plots, workplaces. 

This amount, which must be paid by the landlord, must be clearly stated in the clauses in the lease contract that protect the tenant's security to the landlord if the tenant is required to pay it. The property owner has to pay aidat even though he does not live in the apartment. If this obligation has passed to the tenant according to the lease agreement; people living in the house must pay the aidat monthly and regularly. 

Which Services Are Included In The Aidat?

While paying the aidat, certain needs of land and public housing estates are met. Expenses requiring collective payment are evaluated monthly for different issues. It is requested in order to make the living space regular, earthquake-resistant or resistant to possible disasters, and to prevent physical problems within the apartments from affecting other buildings. The cost of aidat is determined by various persons such as site management, property owners, contractors according to legal or different situations. 

Needs covered by the aidat; 

  • Fixed expenses paid to gardener, apartment caretaker, security guard
  • Insurance premiums for the main property
  • Heating expenses
  • Maintenance, protection, strengthening and repair of common areas
  • Gas, electricity and water needs
  • Cleaners who come to the apartment blocks on a daily basis
  • Executive salaries 

In terms of determining the aidat payment, villas, workplaces, site management combines these amounts collectively in cash and deposits them into the bank account. This money can also remain in cash within the structure of the site management or can be paid to the designated bank account by EFT or Transfer method. 

What Are The Aidat Payment Determined According to? 

Aidat determined on real estate for sale in Turkey are evaluated according to different qualities. These prices differ on sites, apartments, villas or land. When determining the cost of aidat, it is evaluated in different ways according to the square metre and land share.

1. Determination of Aidat Payment According to Square Metre Share

Regardless of the monthly or annual aidat, the amount of aidat is determined by calculation according to the square metre share. The result is distributed to the independent sections according to each square metre.  

- Aidat Distribution: Total Annual Expense / Total Square Metre

According to this formula, the amount of payment per square metre is determined. The cost of aidat in Turkey is increasing according to expenses. It is one of the duties of the apartment manager and this aidat must be collected. The aidat is determined by the apartment manager. 

2. Determination Of Aidat Payment According To Land Share 

Every plot owner has to pay aidat. The amount of aidat is determined by the width of the property. If the amount of land increases, the amount of payment increases accordingly. According to this payment amount, the property owner or tenant has to make the payment.

In both cases, the aidat must be paid in Turkey. The set amount is mandatory for everyone living or not living in the property. Even if the common use area within the sites is not used by the person living in the apartment, payment must be made.

What Are The Legal Obligations Of Aidat?

The aidat is clearly stated in the Property Law. According to Articles 20 and 39, payment is made by the property owners. At the same time, according to the agreements in the articles in the law, payments are made according to the land share. In accordance with the law, the costs of common areas are realised for payments made in a certain amount to employees such as managers or apartment caretakers, gardeners.

At the same time, payment also applies to tenants. Aidat payment made in accordance with Article 22 of the same law are deducted from the tenant's debt.

In case of non-payment of aidat, enforcement proceedings may be initiated against the non-payer. This person can also be sued. Unpaid aidat are subject to 5% late payment compensation in accordance with the Property Law and the amount increases monthly.  In accordance with the provisions, the person can be sued in case of non-payment within 5 years. After 5 years, no lawsuit can be filed on the subject that is time-barred. 

For tenants who do not pay the aidat debt, the tenant must pay within 30 days according to Article 315 of the Turkish Code of Obligations. If aidat and fringe benefits are not paid, the tenant's contract is terminated. 

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