What Does the New Public Mandate About COVID-19 Restrictions Brings?

Turkey is transitioning into a new phase of normalization from the COVID-19 pandemic measures. The new measures have recently been announced by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca himself on 03 March 2022 and officialized on 04 March 2022. 

According to the measures which are called “the rights steps” in the right direction, people are no longer have to wear masks outdoors in the open air. As far as indoors are concerned, no masks will be required indoors too if sufficient ventilation and social distancing can be maintained at a place. Another development is the abandonment of HES/QR code inquiry. From now on no institution or company will be asking for a HES/QR code which we generated using the Turkish Health Ministry’s official app Life Fits Into Home upon entry. 

The new public mandate also states that if you have no symptoms of the virus, you no longer be required to provide a PCR test. The new mandate also clarifies the most anticipated question by the families. From here on, the schools will not close up classes and cease education if 2 positive cases occur. It will now be sufficient for the covid positive students to self-isolate.

According to the Ministry of Health this set of new rules represents the last phase of going back to normal. The covid effort now officially gave its place to personal measures rather than public measures implemented by mandates. 

Let’s provide a clearer look at what the recent public mandate changes in our lives: 


• No masks will be required outdoors

• No masks will be required indoors if necessary social distancing and ventilation can be maintained

• Masks will be required in places where no social distancing measures can be maintained. These places include public venues such as cinemas, theatres as well as public and intercity transportation such as busses, trains, planes, ferries, etc. 

HES Code Inquiry Ended

• No one will be asked for the HES QR (Life Fits Into Home) Code upon entry into shopping malls, theatres, cinemas, public transportation. 

PCR Tests

• No one will be asked for a PCR test for flight travel unless they show symptoms

Upon Entry Into Turkey

• No quarantine measures will be required for people who have 2 doses of vaccination from the World Health Organisation or Turkish Government approved vaccines. 

• Children under 12 will not be asked for a PCR test or a vaccination certificate. 

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