Türkiye Tech Visa for Digital Nomads

The Türkiye Tech Visa is an invitation program specifically designed for technology entrepreneurs who possess critical expertise in the technology sector, innovative business models, and technology-based operations.

Information about the program was announced last year. Now, everyone can submit a preliminary application and register for the Türkiye Tech program via the website https://www.turkiyetechvisa.gov.tr/en/

Through the website, you can apply to become an entrepreneur under the "start-up" option, or share your skills as a digital expert under the "talent" option.

What Does the Türkiye Tech Visa Offer Digital Nomads?

  • A work permit valid for 3 years
  • Exemption from income tax and corporate tax
  • Comprehensive free medical care
  • Simplified residence permit acquisition process for the applicant’s family members
  • Office facilities in technology parks and incubation centers
  • Support for venture investment and project financing
  • Mentorship and consulting support

The full launch of the program will take place within two months. You can find opportunities in Türkiye to develop yourself and create value. For more detailed information, you can contact us or visit the website of the Türkiye Tech Visa program, which is administered by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

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