The Advantages of Real Estate Investment in Türkiye: A Guide for Polish Investors

Investing in real estate in Türkiye brings along privileged opportunities. It not only transforms comfort into profit but also allows you to earn international caliber revenues. On this journey from Poland to Türkiye, as a real estate investor, you can secure your future.

The rise in Türkiye's real estate market owes a lot to Polish investors. Be ready to build your future at the intersection of tourism, investment potential in housing, comfortable living conditions, and trade! In this blog, we will guide Polish real estate investors and explain the advantages offered by the living standards and real estate market in Türkiye.

What Opportunities Does Türkiye Offer for Polish Investors?

Polish real estate investors in Türkiye can benefit from international real estate market opportunities. Real estate investors can determine their income with advantages ranging from safe, secure, socially integrated living, and earning potential to ease of transportation and investment preferences.

  • Visa-free travel: Polish citizens with official and ordinary passports are exempt from visas for up to 90 days every 180 days. They can enter without a visa with a valid national identity card.
  • Turkish Citizenship: Polish real estate investors can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a residence worth 400,000 USD and additional expenses.
  • High Rental Income: Polish investors can evaluate their real estate choices through renting. By renting out their apartment, villa, etc., they can have the chance to earn a high income in euros or dollars.
  • Long or short-term accommodation: Polish investors can consider their real estate choices in Türkiye's fabulous tourism texture, close to holiday resorts such as Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, as well as in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara according to their preference for hotels, rental or for-sale apartments, with daily or monthly rental options.

What Advantages Will Polish Real Estate Investors Have in Türkiye?

  • Polish real estate investors in Türkiye will have access to numerous advantages. Don't postpone your dreams of building a future in our country, where all four seasons coexist, and rich culture and history merge! Here are the advantages that Polish investors can gain in Türkiye;
  • You will easily adapt to the comfort of living in all four seasons in Türkiye.
  • You will get closer to the international market and can own a business in Türkiye.
  • You will find the trio of sea, sand, and sun together. Living near the coast will allow you to access central locations and step into a peaceful atmosphere.
  • You can take advantage of opportunities like Turkish citizenship, residence permits, and visa-free travel.
  • You will be able to invest in real estate in various preferences such as in 5-star hotel complexes, residential communities, residences, villas.
  • You will have high rental income; you can benefit from daily, monthly, or yearly rental opportunities.
  • You will find opportunities with long-term and flexible payment plans, save on your budget, and invest in projects that are under construction.

Polish investors will come together with many investors from their own culture in Türkiye and evaluate the fantastic real estate options. Catch the opportunities with Realtor Global now!

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