TAPU: One Of the First Documents To Start A New Journey And A Comfortable Life In Turkey

TAPU: TAPU is a document that confirms you are the owner of the property. It is also among one of the first Turkish words foreigners who consider purchasing an apartment for sale in Alanya. In addition to owning an asset, owning a property in Turkey comes with the potential benefit of becoming a Turkish Citizen. According to the Turkish Citizenship law issued on 18.09.2018 investors should purchase a property priced at $250k or more to qualify for Turkish Citizenship by investment.   

TAPU is one of the first files that is needed to be issued in order to begin your journey and life in Turkey. Although TAPU generally is given to the owner of the property it is also possible to have a shared document that officially certifies the shared ownership of a property. It is also very important to note that the renters of a property cannot have a TAPU no matter how long the rental period can be. TAPU can only be acquired by the owner(s) of that property for sale in Turkey.

Let’s take a closer look into TAPU and answer the frequently asked questions about it.

Title Deed (Tapu) in Turkey

What are the Types of Title Deeds?

There are three different types of title deeds: Shared property deeds, property ownership deeds, and joint-owned property deeds.

Can I get my TAPU during a construction phase of a property?

Yes, you can have your TAPU in parallel with the construction process. This also gives you the opportunity to buy a share on an ongoing project.

Do I need to pay the full price of a property in order to acquire the TAPU of that property?

Although ideally TAPU is acquired once the full price is paid, it is also a common practice to acquire the TAPU of an asset by just paying the necessary down payment if necessary the buyer and the seller agreed to do so.

Can I get a new TAPU if I lose it?

Absolutely! You can get a new TAPU just by visiting a Land Registry and Cadastre office and paying a small amount for the document.

Is it enough just to buy a property to apply for Turkish Citizenship?

Yes. If the value of the property is $250k or more, you become elligible for Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

Can I buy multiple properties in order to get Turkish Citizenship?

Yes, If the total value of multiple properties is $250k or more, you can apply for Turkish Citizenship.

How can I be sure that my TAPU file is valid?

You can always approve the validity of your TAPU at a Land Registry and Cadastre Office.

Can any foreign citizen buy a property in any part of Turkey?

Almost all citizens from any foreign country can purchase a Property for Sale in Izmir Turkey. However, there can be some limitations depending on your nationality.

Which files do I need in order to get my TAPU?

You only need to provide your original passport and 2 biometric photos. For the rest of the process, Realtor Turkey will gladly help you get your TAPU to start an exciting and memorable life in Turkey.

Do I need to pay any fees to get my TAPU?

Yes, Land Registry and Cadastre office require to pay %4 of the property price as tax.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Now, let’s see what TAPU looks like and which informations are on it,


This part shows which city the property is located in. For example, it will indicate “Antalya” if you have purchased a property for sale in Antalya.


This part shows which town the property is located in. 

This part indicates the neighborhood in which the property is located. In some cases, this part can be left blank depending on the location.


This section provides more detailed location information about the property.

This part indicates the street the property is located on. 

Additional information about the site of the property. Which may be left blank in some cases depending on the location.

7 – PAFTA No. / MAP No.

One of the most critical sections of the TAPU. This part shows where exactly the property is according to the city plan.

8 – ADA No. / BLOCK No.

This is the block number of your property.

9 – PARSEL No. / PLOT No.

This is the last and the most specific detail of buying a house in Turkey: The plot number of the property in the city plan.


Description of the property. Such as “building”, “land” etc.


The part for the photo of the owner/joint owner of the property.


The exact area of an asset.

13 – ha / HECTARES

How many hectares property is. 
(1 hectare = 10.000 m2 or approximately 2,471 acres.)


The measure of an area of an asset in square meters. (1 m2 = 10,7 square foot)


The measure of an area of an asset in decameter squares. (1 dm2 = 0,01 m2)


This part indicates the exact borders of the property. This can be approved by a land survey officer authorized by the Land Registry and Cadastre office.
This information proves that you have a legal TAPU after purchasing your new property for sale in Turkey. The document officially approves the purchase and the new ownership of the property by the Land Registry and Cadastre office. 

You will immediately feel the hospitality of Turkish citizens, have the opportunity to explore beautiful landmarks, visit rich museums, endless beaches, untouched nature, and find pleasure in different climates that exist simultaneously in seven different geographical regions of Turkey. 

After you acquire a TAPU which is priced at $250k or above; you, your partner, and your kids become eligible to apply for Turkish Citizenship. The application process for Turkish Citizenship can take 3 to 6 months to finalize. When your citizenship application is finalized and approved you can start benefiting from every aspect of the Turkish Citizenship status. You can apply for a job from any company, even start import & export trade business between countries and, travel to more than 111 countries. After 3 years of ownership, it is also possible to sell your property. Thanks to the growing economy and expanding real estate sector in Turkey, you will also have a chance to return a profit from your investment. Turkey allows you to own multiple passports by law so you don’t need to leave your own citizenship. Additionally, because public education is free in Turkey all public education will be free for you and your children. If you claim your retirement in Turkey, your social and healthy life will also be guaranteed by the Turkish Republic. 

Buying a House in Turkey

Are you ready to start a new life by buying a house in Turkey? If the answer is yes, our experienced team of professionals is ready to answer all your demands before and after the sales and ready to help secure and profitable investment. 

You will be proof of our motto ‘our team is your team ‘ at every step of having a TAPU and beginning a better life in Turkey. A secure and culturally rich country with beautiful nature. A country for those who want to start a new journey with their loved ones. We wish you all the best with your decision and wish you good luck on your new journey!

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