Russia-Northern Cyprus Direct Flight: Benefits For Trade and Tourism

After the Russians were offered an opportunity to have direct flights between Russia and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, with the help of the Russian and Turkish Airlines this proposal is being thought of and will be coming real. As many investors from Russia travel to Northern Cyprus, this is an outstanding opportunity to travel without the need to stop in other locations first - within only four hours flight you will be at your destination.

Can I travel to Northern Cyprus?

For the time being, going to Northern Cyprus is still easy as you land at Nicosia International Airport and get through the border to the Turkish side by car, or go by the other option, which is stopping in Turkey for a couple of hours and landing in the TRNC.

Direct flights may result in lower costs and easier travel for families with children. Being less time-consuming, they will also help with many trading and tourism aspects as many Russians live permanently in Northern Cyprus, so, those direct flights will have a more positive impact than people are expecting.

Are there flights from Russia to Northern Cyprus?

The Russian press announced this news, as Russian President Putin and Turkish President Erdogan discussed this matter and agreed, as it would be advantageous for both sides, highlighting the fact that direct flights could benefit residents of other nations in the region. Additionally, it will also make the relations between Russia and Turkey stronger as this is a huge collaboration - that is why this is a big step and is still being thought of for the time being.

TRNC is not just for business, as it is an amazing holiday place. Buying a property in Northern Cyprus is a profitable investment as the prices, interests, and attention on real estate in Northern Cyprus are growing. The property market there will be much-paid attention to once the flights start, this is why clients should start considering making a move and invest immediately.

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