Realtor Turkey Real Estate Divisional Directorate Agency in Aegean Region

Realtor Turkey Real Estate, a real estate agency and a strong investment consulting company at the same time, has opened a representative agency in the Aegean region and an office in Izmir. Realtor Turkey is one of the few companies with 100% local corporate capital, which is rare in this market field, dominated by foreign brands. 

The founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Anil U. Ovencoglu: "We are proud to say that we are a completely domestic brand. The basis of doing business is trust, thanks to which we make more than 250 large transactions per year. One of the main principles of our work is treating our clients as guests, striving for lifelong quality consulting in the field of construction, real estate and investment.”

To date, Realtor Turkey Real Estate has implemented numerous projects both within Turkey and abroad, therefore winning the trust of many domestic and foreign investors. The dynamic growth of the company led to the expansion of its business footprint and became the ground motive for the opening of a new regional representative office on the Aegean coast. That is exactly where new franchise office applications will be considered and personnel training, aimed at strengthening our team and maximizing the efficiency of the workflow, will be conducted.

The huge development potential, the desire to change the quality of services in the current market situation for the better and the introduction of a new style of work based on the partnership of an investor and a consultant, are the foundation of the company's new goal - the creation of a global brand in the field of consulting.


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