Realtor Global Opened a New Office in Antalya

Realtor Global Real Estate Company has opened a new office in Antalya! This news will undoubtedly please those who dream of their own real estate by the sea and who are tired of living among gray high-rise buildings and cloudy weather. Antalya is a strong city, one of the largest in Turkey. This is the fifth province in the country in terms of per capita income and contribution to the national economy, which affect the level of well-being of the region. Developed sectors of industry and tourism and rich cultural heritage make the region an exceptionally attractive investment destination. This vibrant city promises fun and joy in your profitable investments.

Antalya is full of attractive features, people prefer the city because of the natural beauties, historical landmarks, growth in business life which provides a strong economy. All over the world, investors know that Antalya has high investment potential and a favorable resort city.  EXPO 2016 introduced Turkey's horticulture in its thematic gardens, world-famous singer’ concerts and its welcomed 8 million visitors, including 5 million foreigners. This event, where the whole world interacted well with Turkey, increased the prestige of Antalya.

The Chairman of Realtor Global, Anil U. Ovencoglu talked about the new offices. Stating that they have new goals, the chairman heralded the opening of the next offices. Five new offices will be open as a next step, increasing the company's rising value. Mr. Anil U. Ovencoglu mentioned that the targets for 2022 will be stronger and more efficient than ever before. Realtor Global does not just serve a regular sale process, in addition, every step of purchasing and whole after-sale statements we assist our clients. Even if the property has different conditions like obtaining a Turkish citizenship advantage, we stand by you at every pace.

The office opened its doors in Konyaalti - one of the central, developed and dynamic districts of the city. Konyaalti is famous for its historical sights, well-groomed embankment, parks and entertainment. It is in this area that the famous Aquarium, the largest bazaar of the city and the archaeological museum are located. Millions of tourists flock to the area every year, who are attracted by the vibrant lifestyle of the southern city. Once you have been here, you will not be able to leave Antalya!

Being one of the leading real estate agencies in the country and a company with 100% local capital, the achievement of Realtor Global is to provide full professional support at all stages of the transaction and pre and after-sales service and to achieve full customer satisfaction. Consulting is not limited only to transactions of purchase and sale of housing, but also includes the areas of construction and investment. Realtor Global’s goal is your happiness.

The rapid growth and professionalism of the company have already been appreciated by thousands of investors who have already managed to find a new home on the coast. It is thanks to the trust of our guests that the agency enters into more than 250 major transactions per year.

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