Realtor Global at The International Real Estate Investment Expo in Kazakhstan

As in previous years, Realtor Global became a participant of the International Real Estate Investment Expo in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This year the event was held on June 24-25. The exhibition lasted two days and was attended by foreign investors and real estate companies.

This event is the largest in its field, attracting more than a hundred participants from 20 countries. The purpose of the exhibition is to provide guests and exhibitors with the newest trends and projects on the real estate market and direct detailed information on buying a home, renting out, profitable investment and payment options. The event stimulates the sales process and brand awareness, informs potential customers about the latest market and company achievements, thus creating new contracts.

On April 20, 2022, the "Regulation on the Definition, Classification and Support of Services Exports" was published in the Ministry of Commerce Official Gazette. The document is aimed at supporting the exports of real estate services. Realtor Global Real Estate Founder and Chairman of the Board Anıl Ulaş Övençoğlu said that the company was able to benefit from the state support program. 

 Realtor Turkey at The International Real Estate Investment Expo in Kazakhstan

Through this program, the real estate industry was given the opportunity to present new projects by participating in international real estate exhibitions in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Libya, the Netherlands, Belgium and Pakistan. Thus, participation in exhibitions contributes to the promotion of the national product and brand of Turkey as an important investment direction. It is also an opportunity to establish partnerships with professionals and investors.

Realtor Global regularly participates in international exhibitions, expanding the cooperation network and entering new markets. We provide real estate consultancy services in Turkey to investors from over 40 countries.

According to Anıl Ulaş Ovençoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Realtor Global Real Estate, the company has managed to attract investors to Turkey from different countries. Realtor Global is making confident steps in the international real estate market, achieving its goals. For 8 years, the company has been actively involved in the field of overseas real estate, being a reliable partner for clients and potential investors.



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