Realtor Global’s New Strategic Sales And Marketing Partnership With Dap Yapı Construction

Realtor Global is expanding its work locally and internationally. That is why we are growing our business in many regions inside Turkey too, by opening a new office and starting a new partnership in Istanbul. We take a new step towards great achievements - creativity is contagious, so working with other companies to combine ideas and goals makes it easier to reach what both sides want. The strategic sales and marketing partnership with Dap Yapı, one of the biggest developers in the country, will allow us to give our investors amazing projects and houses to invest in. This partnership is a step in the right direction, as both of the companies aim for one point which is to provide new residential and commercial spaces of the highest quality, in terms of architectural and financial value, created on the concept of the investor's future. Based on our extensive real estate knowledge, we continue to develop our businesses side by side.

With DAP Yapı, you get the investment you look forward to in regions which value is increasing day by day. DAP Yapı, which makes Istanbul worth to live in and promotes Turkey on the world stage in the most effective way, has adopted the principle of creating unlimited privileges for your life with its unique and modern projects.

Anıl Ulaş Övençoğlu, the founder and board chairman of Realtor Global Real Estate, and the representatives of Dap Yapı Construction decided on this partnership since it has several benefits for both businesses. Both parties aspire to a long-term partnership. Such collaboration will develop into a mutually beneficial relationship: it is an opportunity to not only represent both businesses but also to integrate the brand, increasing recognition. This is one of the most important and efficient techniques of promoting and getting closer to the demands of investors, such a strategy has already demonstrated its strength in other collaborations.

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