Realtor Global Sponsors TV Broadcasts of Formula 1 Races

Realtor Global is an international brand that offers pioneering services in the real estate sector with over 10 years of experience. Founded in 2015 by Anıl Övençoğlu, our company is expanding into new markets in terms of sponsorships, franchises, advertising agreements, and more to increase brand prestige and recognition. In addition to real estate and investment consulting services, we have been present at the matches, stadiums, television and radio advertisements, digital platforms, press events, and official award ceremonies of world-famous teams in football, basketball, and volleyball.

Preparing to become the international real estate sponsor in all sports branches, Realtor Global will take its place in pole position in the championship Formula 1 races. On Turkey's leading sports channel, S Sport and S Sport Plus, from practice laps to championship competitions, we will ensure the real estate assurance of the digital world with media sponsorship services. Along with the ongoing championship excitement in Formula 1, which organizes races around the world, the Realtor Global breeze will also blow.

Realtor Global Takes Pole Position in Formula 1 Races

Approved by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), Formula 1 has been on the international stage since 1950 and is eyeing not only Europe but also all countries around the world. The term "formula" in its name is defined as a set of rules that participating car owners must follow. Formula 1 races are renowned for the speed and excitement generated by cars based on electronics, aerodynamics, suspension, and tires in many countries worldwide.

The Formula 1 season consists of a series of races called the Grand Prix. The competition takes place on public and private roads across countries and continents worldwide. F1 tracks are classified as "1" by the FIA (International Automobile Federation). All these races make history with successful seasons on FIA-approved tracks worldwide. This race, held among drivers with FIA Super Licenses, is conducted on private roads and appeals to speed enthusiasts.

The Formula 1 Grand Prix races were also held in Turkey. The most popular and cosmopolitan city in Turkey where international races have taken place is Istanbul. The dazzling Formula 1, featuring speed battles, was held in Istanbul between 2005-2011 and in 2020-2021. The races were held at Istanbul Park, designed by German engineer Hermann Tilke. Turkey embraced world cultures with its hospitable spirit and hosted the premiere race in the heart of Istanbul.

Realtor Global is present in the Formula 1 races, one of the world's most-watched sports. We join the F1 excitement that can be watched on S Sports and S Sports Plus TV channels, also held on public tracks. With Realtor Global, where we are increasing our international real estate sponsorship services every day, we bring good news to those who won't be leaving their screens during Formula 1 TV ads. From the 2023-2024 season onwards, you will often see us on your TV screens during practice laps, qualifying rounds, and the main races.

Anıl Övençoğlu: As Realtor Global, Our Goal is to Become the Main Sponsor of Formula 1 Races

As Realtor Global, we focus on sponsorship activities, franchise services, and advertising activities in addition to the pioneering services we provide in the international real estate sector. We make the press and media organs in which our brand takes place the favorite of both digital and mainstream media. In addition to communication tools such as television, magazines, and websites, we provide sponsorship services with international qualifications for teams such as Hull City, Shelbourne, Alanya Sports, Trabzonspor, Istanbul Başakşehir, Samsunspor, Fatih Karagümrük, Turkish Airlines Euroleague. We also support the fierce of Women's Basketball and Women's Volleyball teams with our sponsorship services.

With this new step, you will see Realtor Global often on television during the qualifying rounds, practice rounds, and main races of Formula 1 competitions that will be broadcast on S Sports and S Sports Plus television channels. As Realtor Global, we are increasing our sponsorship efforts in order to increase our brand awareness and prestige in international quality. Our goal at this point is to open up to new markets and to see the Realtor Global brand in all branches of the sports community. For this reason, we want to carry our professional service understanding in the real estate sector to all corners of the world.

In line with our goals, we want to become one of the official main sponsors of Formula 1 races. From practice rounds to championship races, we aim to increase our brand awareness, maintain Realtor Global's industry leadership, and lay the foundation for championing excitement in sports together. We remain enthusiastic and committed throughout our involvement. We maintain this excitement at every stage of our participation.

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