Realtor Global is The Successful Real Estate Investment Brand of the Year

Realtor Global, the locomotive company of the Övençoğlu Group, has been recognized as worthy of the ‘Successful Real Estate Investment Brand of the Year’ award! The Turkey’s Leading Brand Awards competition, held for the sixth time, welcomed thousands of participants from all over the world. The competitors were only the best companies in different categories: from banking to home appliance sales, from digital broadcasting platforms to e-commerce, from fast food to clothing retail.

The award brought together only the best companies, as the main selection criteria was the level of customer service and their satisfaction with brands. The event considers customer loyalty, celebrates the success of the company and popularizes its activities, thus, the winners are determined by the consumers themselves.

In the third, final round of the competition, Realtor Global received 9.10 points and became the winner in the nomination. The chairman of the board of the company, Anil Ulas Ovencoglu, spoke at the award ceremony. In his speech, Mr. Ovencoglu noted that the company is developing its projects with a focus on the future, striving to change the real estate market for the better and provide profitable investment opportunities for buyers and partners. ‘Real estate remains a traditional sector. Realtor Global's approach is based on professionalism, integrity and innovation. Our work can be compared to art, since we carry out activities with the utmost care. The company develops real estate solutions that meet the needs of clients, anticipate their wishes and meet their expectations. We sincerely thank everyone who helped us become winners, our team continues to achieve success!’

The excitement of winning the 'Successful Real Estate Investment Brand of The Year' award gives Realtor Global the desire to achieve new victories. It has become another reason to develop our activities and make new iapproaches, as well as to participate in other types of events to make sure Realtor Global is included in everything possible for better outcomes in the future, by building strong relationships with other people working in the same sector and gain credibility. It is not only about winning but is also an engaging experience with our customers and investors.

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