Realtor Global at The Stadium With The Tigers: New Partnership With Hull City Football Team

On September 13, 2022, the attention of fans from different countries was on the match between Hull City and Stoke City. Realtor Global also took part in the game: during the match, the company's advertisement was broadcast on the score screen. The British Tigers team belongs to Acun Ilıcalı, the owner of a Turkish media company. Also, among the players there is our compatriot Ozan Tufan, who plays in the team's midfield.

This year, our company expanded its work and entered the global market, changing its name to Realtor Global. This allowed us to provide services to a larger number of potential clients as the number of countries with which we cooperate has grown from 40 to 54.

The UK is not a new direction in our work. We have been working with English-speaking investors for many years, so it was especially important for us to participate in the game in Hull on September 13th.

This is not Realtor Global's first experience with advertising in sports stadiums. On June 14, 2022, a partnership agreement was signed between Realtor Global Real Estate and the sports club Corendon Alanyaspor Kulübü - in this football season, the southern stand of the team’s home stadium has the name of our company.

Sports stadiums, including foreign ones, have also changed their function from a venue solely for sporting events that earns exclusively from ticket sales, they have become real estate objects that receive income from non-sports activities. Sports events are of great importance in the media world as this is a way to introduce the brand not only to thousands of fans in the stadium, but also to millions of viewers around the world. In-match advertising helps increase brand awareness and stimulates search engine searches for the advertiser, while the duration of the match allows viewers to memorize the information presented on the screen. Using the emotional rise of the audience, advertising affects the viewer at the level of feelings, forming a positive impression and talking about the benefits of the company. This marketing strategy has already proven itself abroad: this type of advertising supports both parties, contributing to their recognition.

Thanks to the trust of our clients, our company closes more than 250 significant deals a year, and cooperation with the British football team will also allow us to become closer friends with local investors.

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