Power of attorney in Turkey. How to make a power of attorney in Turkey for foreigners?

Do you know that many people looking to buy a property in Turkey, have no idea what the power of attorney is and how they can legally benefit from it? If you need extra help, don't worry, we will provide straightforward details to you and anyone willing to use a power of attorney (POA).

The first thing you need to remember is to choose reliable licensed real estate agents or registered and recognized lawyers that will guarantee a safe and stress-free process of obtaining a POA in Turkey. Realtor Global can and will look after your financial affairs, and manage your properties. Between us who doesn't want to contact a trustworthy and credible Real estate company that provided outstanding services for more than 4.500 happy and satisfied customers?  

Trust is directly linked to Realtor Global Real Estate.

What Is A Power Of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney (POA ) is a legally authorization binding document that empowers someone to manage your property, financial affairs, and health care with the authority to act on behalf of the principal. Some people are incapacitated to manage their affairs abroad, so this legal document allows investors who have limited time or for a variety of reasons to give to agents to make decisions regarding their affairs and commit to taking care of their investments in a safe place. When you are in the process of buying a property in Turkey the agent will be able to set up utilities such as:

  • Obtaining or submitting any documents to the administrative authorities;
  • Obtaining or submitting a certificate of ownership (Tapu) in your name;
  • Drawing up of electric meters and water meters;
  • Signing leases;
  • Sale of immovable property;

There are two main types of POAs, both provide attorney-in-fact in Real estate investments:

  • Limited Power of Attorney.
  • General Power of Attorney.

Limited Power of Attorney

The most recommended document that has specifically authorized to act on behalf of pre-established transactions. The most appropriate choice by many when investing in a property in Turkey.

General Power of Attorney

Readers, we do not recommend for any circumstance the general power of attorney. Why? Let's say you own a beachfront villa in Alanya and you cannot be in Turkey for personal reasons, then you have given an agent full authorization to represent you lawfully in any matter. The agent may be authorized to handle bank accounts, signs checks, manage assets, and file taxes for the principal.  

Let's pretend you bought a new home and you can obtain Turkish Citizenship or Resident Permit. You can designate the person who has given the power of attorney to make all the transactions, this includes rental, management, and bank affairs. 

While transferring the power to an agent, reinforce what would you like to transfer, such as electricity and water utilities, and you can set up the level of power to the authorized person.

How Can I Apply For A Power Of Attorney in Turkey Abroad?

First, look up the closest Turkish embassy or consulate overseas. A POA can be evaluated and signed without the attorney's presence. Verify if the country you are offered such services, throughout Europe, you won't have any trouble, in the middle east and north America things might differ.

Required documents:

  • Turkish tax ID number.
  • Valid passport.
  • Notarised copy and translation of the passport.
  • The ID of the individual who will be given the authority.
  • 2 recent photographs.

Make sure that you obtain in the country you are an apostille version of your attorney. You should check the alter of the document and ensure you covered the requirements above. 

Does Realtor Global Provide Power Of Attorney services?

Yes. We unequivocally provide exception acquisition of your power of attorney in Turkey while purchasing or renting out a property. 

The demand for real estate companies providing this legal document is expanding rapidly due to the profitable segments of investment in the country. Realtor Global implements ease and fast and trusted obtention of your POA because we care about your necessities as an investor and all the components you need are valued by a group of experienced professionals with a solid foundation and expertly in the topic.

Before applying for a power of attorney in Turkey why not give us a call now, we will help with any doubts you have.

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