Polish Investors' Favorite: The Rise of Turkey's Real Estate Market

Since ancient times, there has been a long-standing friendship agreement between Poland and Türkiye, stretching to the present day. This story, which began during the Ottoman era, strengthens the bond between the two countries in every aspect. Particularly, this intense interest in Turkey brings a privileged era in real estate investments. According to data, more than 65% of Poland visits every city in Türkiye and aims to build a future in our country through investment decisions.

Over centuries, this journey of friendship inevitably impacts investment plans on Türkiye’s real estate market. Due to the strong economic, political, and cultural ties, real estate investments offer substantial contributions to the country. For Polish investors, stepping into a new future from both a touristic and residential perspective equates to seizing advantageous opportunities.

In this blog, we will explore the interest of Polish investors in Türkiye and its impact on the rising real estate market!

Polish Investors' Interest in Türkiye and Their Orientation to the Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Türkiye offers quite privileged opportunities for Polish investors. However, this interest has a deep story, extending from the 14th century to the present day. For over six centuries, these two countries, improving their relations from politics to tourism, promise heaven to those wanting to know each other. Rich in culture, with beauty across all four seasons, inspiring cuisines, historical sites, stunning beaches, and a mesmerizing lifestyle, living in Türkiye becomes a fantastic opportunity for Poles.

Poland, being the first country among European nations to recognize the Republic of Türkiye, holds a special place of affection for our country. Even the Polonezköy district in Istanbul has become one of the neighborhoods symbolizing the friendship between the two countries.

Polish real estate investors, with their country's entry into the EU, play a significant role in tourism and the real estate sector in Türkiye. This legacy, one of the defining elements, preserves the heritage from the Polish Kingdom and the Ottoman Empire. The tourism bridge, reinforcing their friendships, solidifies the impact of Polish investors in Türkiye's real estate market.

Polish citizens can also easily travel to Türkiye, thanks to the ability to enter the country using their ID cards. This move has led to an increase in visits from Polish real estate investors. Besides contributing economically through tourism, it also strengthens the intercultural lifestyle. The interest of international investors in real estate in Türkiye motivates Poles who want to explore the country. This rising influence in the real estate market meets the expectations of investors.

The Rise in the Real Estate Market: Poles Turn Their Investment Focus to Türkiye

The impact of Poles in real estate investments in Türkiye is quite significant! They are eager to explore a country chosen by people from all around the world, preserving its rich intercultural heritage. Particularly, the combination of sea, sand, and sun attracts Polish investors. Regions like Antalya and its surrounding provinces offer investment opportunities with their stunning beaches, Mediterranean climate, and innovative structures that combine all-inclusive living concepts. In addition to the enduring appeal of seaside living, real estate is also purchased in many cities inspired by Türkiye's rich history.

Polish real estate investors, who have a profound connection to nature and local events, continue to pursue their plans to build a future in Türkiye. In their search, they step into a life in a tourism paradise that offers hotel-like comfort, complex lifestyles, proximity to nature and the sea, and appeals to the city's texture in every sense.

Poland ranks 4th among the countries sending the most tourists to Antalya, following Russia, Germany, and the UK. Approximately 5 million people go on vacation in Poland each year. Since 2022, the number of people coming to Türkiye from Poland has reached 1,136,000. As Poland is among the countries whose citizens do not need visas and passports to enter Türkiye, travel conditions make it easier to direct investments.

This interest, fueled by the friendship between Türkiye and Poland, offers an opportunity to transform your investment plans into a more comfortable, opportunity-filled, and profitable life. As Realtor Global, we provide 100% reliable services to international real estate investors and a privileged experience during and after the sales process. Contact us now and don't miss the unique opportunity to live in Türkiye!

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