Övençoğlu Academy Established

At Realtor Global, a leading company in the international real estate sector, we have established the "Övençoğlu Academy". Located within our Istanbul Head Office, our academy continues its trainings without slowing down. Under the coordination of our Academy Director Batuhan Balcı, we continue our work both face-to-face and online. With a team of experts and professionals in the field, our company opens doors for those who want to train qualified employees and for those who want to improve themselves. In addition to the employees of Realtor Global, we continue to offer opportunities for our newly hired staff, our franchise entrepreneurs, and those who want to be involved in the real estate sector.

To gain more knowledge about the current real estate sector, successfully serve customers, think with international standards, and adapt to a professional working system, Övençoğlu Academy is here for you! With its varied training programs, the academy not only boosts staff motivation but also provides guidance for those aspiring to build their careers. Along with enhancing internal operations, our academy stands out with its unique training programs, moving your future into the realm of real estate with Realtor Global.

The trainings at Övençoğlu Academy are conducted face-to-face, practically, and online. The academy plans to establish a team of instructors proficient in multiple languages, not limited to Turkish but including English, Russian, German, Bosnian, and more. The team will comprise individuals who are professionals in the sector, as well as our managers who will also provide training. Our team members in various units will be able to share their successful work in an innovative and practical way.

Övençoğlu Academy: The Future of the Real Estate Sector

Located within the Istanbul Office of Realtor Global, which has 7 offices in 4 countries, the “Övençoğlu Academy” offers career opportunities in the international real estate sector. Our newly hired staff receive detailed information about our working systems, corporate culture, and how our Artificial Intelligence Supported CRM system operates, all accompanied by our units.

Additionally, in-house trainings are also provided to all our staff in the branch, our managers, and our business partners. Led under the coordination of Batuhan Balcı, the "Övençoğlu Academy" supports the personal development of our staff who aspire to build a career in the real estate sector. Our units located in both domestic and international offices, such as portfolio, sales and marketing, media, finance, and after-sales services, are part of a successful program that ensures customer satisfaction and keeps up with the latest developments in the sector.

Alongside sectoral studies, we also provide training in communication, personal development, leadership, psychology, and more, ensuring high motivation among our team members. At Realtor Global, we don't leave our staff, who plan their careers, earn promotions, and become managers due to their long-term work and superior performance, alone in this transition process. As Övençoğlu Academy, we continue the process by providing all the necessary trainings for career development, facilitating meetings with in-house managers, and supporting throughout the process.

Övençoğlu Academy Guides Young Entrepreneurs

In addition to our staff within the organization, we support entrepreneurs who want to acquire a Realtor Global franchise with up-to-date information from the real estate sector in Turkey and around the world. Our franchise entrepreneurs receive training from our expert team at the Övençoğlu Academy on Realtor Global's work systems, sales to international citizens, sales and after-sales services, and legal information, all guided by Realtor Global’s units.

We help entrepreneurs who want to open franchise branches to stand out in the real estate sector and to be the first in their region. We support them with education and take their offices to the global level. We conduct a successful training program in a fundamental and practical manner to represent us correctly both domestically and internationally. Realtor Global franchise entrepreneurs earn a certificate from the Övençoğlu Academy upon completion of their training.

Our founder and Chairman of the Board, Anıl Övençoğlu, stated: “As of 2023, we aim to educate our Realtor Global employees and investment advisors in the best way possible within the Övençoğlu Academy. We have completed our preparations for this and are continuing our trainings successfully.” Övençoğlu added that the academy will not remain local and will include trainers not only from within the country but also from abroad.

We invite our employees who are interested in the real estate sector, love their work, and aim for an international future, as well as our franchise entrepreneurs and business partners, to join the Övençoğlu Academy trainings. Contact us for more information!

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