Our Chairman of the Board of Directors Visited Turkey's Sarajevo Commercial Counselor Ms. Sevgin Gün

We went to Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet with a few investors and my team to give information about how to invest in real estate in Turkey and the profits of real estate investment in Turkey.
Within the broad spectrum of our successful program, we visited the Sarajevo Embassy in the office of Trade Consultant Sevgin Güngör's and discussed how to maintain and increase real estate investments between Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Real estate gains value faster in developing countries, but even in developed countries we agreed that real estate is the most important and demanded investment tool. Anıl U. Övençoğlu stated that in investments with high rental guarantee, there is a wide range of options with a large variety, investors are satisfied. Considering the ease of Turkey's advantageous payment terms and increasing importance of its strategic position day by day, exemption from visa and also the real estate investment and citizenship conditions in the laws, we stated why many new investors should choose Turkey. Ms.Sevgin Güngör stated that the satisfaction of the Turkish people and the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the real estate investment is related to the value of the residence, stated that the real estate has been preserved for a long time and that citizens cannot give up this investment due to the housing need.
Another valuable need is a very low risk investment tool that does not make real estate investors lose in the short and long term. At the same time, it is an investment purpose to get it in two different lanes, both for value and rental income.

Investing in Turkey is a high profit - yielding goal in two different lanes for both value and rental return. Another important aspect is that Turkey is a region where real estate investors will make a very low-risk and smart investment that does not make them lose in the short and long term.
 Real estate investment in Turkey has many advantages because Turkey offers high potential for first-time or new buyers from many different countries.

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