Our Chairman of the Board of Directors Visited Ahmet Numan Özyurt, Turkey's Ukrainian Commercial Con

As one of the leading brands in the real estate market with thousands of real estate professionals in different parts of the world, Realtor Turkey Real Estate set out to bring its global brand identity to Ukraine. Anıl U. Övençoğlu and his team of experts went to meet real estate investors in Ukraine. He gave a seminar on ''How to buy real estate in Turkey'' and ''The advantages of owning real estate in Turkey'' for 2 days.

Within the scope of the program, Mr. Ahmet Numan Özyurt, the Ukrainian commercial consultant at the Turkish Embassy, was visited in his office. How investment properties can be increased between Turkey and Ukraine and how these investments provide returns to investors and the advantages of buying a house in Alanya were discussed.

Our chairman of the board of directors told the Ukrainians, Realtor Turkey Apartments, real estate laws applied in Turkey, the right to acquire Turkish citizenship with investment properties, the global and local commercial portfolio support system, and also the Realtor Turkey Real Estate, where they can experience the privilege of consultancy under this roof, He talked about the advantages that they can earn by investing and start making a profit. Ukraine, with which Turkey has good commercial relations, visa exemption for entry and exit from Turkey, and the residence of many Ukrainian citizens in the Alanya region are other conveniences that the apartments they will buy will bring with them.

Other topics covered in the seminar include;

Affordable housing prices, flexible payment plans and the opportunity to purchase housing in installments, residence permits for all family members, guaranteed housing quality and certificate, quality houses with sea and mountain city views, hotel complexes... Opportunity offers were presented with options.

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