Our Bosnia and Herzegovina Office is Now Open

Realtor Global, a leading international real estate firm, offering privileged services through its 7 offices in 4 countries, has now opened its office in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Located in Sarajevo, our new office will represent our brand with its extensive portfolio from around the world, backed by years of experience. This addition joins our existing offices in Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul, Northern Cyprus, and Moscow. Situated in the heart of Sarajevo, our new office will offer investors a future filled with opportunities.

With services in sales and marketing, after-sales support, and investment consultancy, Realtor Global combines quality with a 100% customer satisfaction approach in an international perspective. Offering advantages that cater to the preferences of international investors, the company exceeds its targets both in Türkiye and globally. We have merged Realtor Global, a brand with high international recognition, with the Balkans' historical richness, cultural diversity, and variety of living spaces.

Realtor Global's Sarajevo Office Meets with Investors

Realtor Global is offering privileged services at its Bosnia and Herzegovina office. Our portfolio includes investment opportunities in Turkey and Northern Cyprus, which are easily adaptable to our culture, provide profitable investment routes, and expand our international networks. We believe that our seaside living and cosmopolitan investment opportunities will attract not only the locals but also citizens of neighboring countries such as Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro.

By enhancing our international perspective, we facilitate investors' acquaintance with our portfolios, increasing Realtor Global’s brand recognition in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in Europe and the Balkans. We facilitate travel to Türkiye and Northern Cyprus, helping them to include various real estate options in their investment plans.

Realtor Global's Bosnia and Herzegovina Office at Your Service!

Our Chairman and Founder, Anıl Övençoğlu, conducted an interview on a television channel in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He shared insights about Realtor Global’s culture, portfolios, offices, exclusive services, and positive developments in Sarajevo. Regarding the Realtor Global office in Sarajevo, he stated, "You can now see Realtor Global in our Sarajevo office. We ensure that our investors receive privileged services and assist the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in investing in Türkiye and Northern Cyprus." He also included in his remarks the potential for living and investment plans in all 81 provinces of Türkiye.

Among Realtor Global's goals are to increase our portfolios in Sarajevo and to offer diversity to investors. With the assurance of Övençoğlu İnşaat, we will develop our own projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and, together with successful business partners, increase our brand recognition in Europe and the Balkans.

You can visit our Sarajevo office right away to benefit from our exclusive services. Contact us now to take advantage of investment opportunities with Realtor Global!

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