Our 7th Branch Opened in Istanbul Beylikdüzü: Expanding Our Franchise Network

As Realtor Global, a leading company in the international real estate sector, we are proud to announce the opening of our 7th branch. Our newly opened franchise branch is located in Istanbul's Beylikdüzü area. With 7 offices in 4 countries, we continue to expand our international offices in Türkiye and around the world. Our team, proficient in various languages and experts in their field, offers real estate investment consultancy, sales, post-sale services, and much more, all grounded in our principle of 100% customer satisfaction.

Our offices are located in Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul, Northern Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Moscow. Alongside Beylikdüzü, we are achieving our goals of opening more franchises both in Türkiye and internationally. With our international perspective, digital marketing strength, sales and after-sales services, and extensive portfolio, each of our branches represents the Realtor Global brand on an international scale.

Realtor Global Istanbul Beylikdüzü Franchise Office Now Open for Service!

Our franchise office in Istanbul Beylikdüzü is operational, offering innovative, global, and profitable opportunities in real estate investments. Our experienced team, keen interest in technology, and 24/7 unlimited work system provide our clients in Türkiye, Northern Cyprus, and around the world with the prestige of living, investing, and earning income. We also introduce our international investors to quality and comfortable properties through our sales and after-sales services.

We do not limit our international vision to sales and after-sales services; we collaborate to create your investment plans. With a variety of options including residential, office, commercial stores, and standalone villas, we prioritize developments that will stand out according to your preferences. We expedite official processes and secure your place in the competitive real estate market. We support you in obtaining Turkish citizenship, residency permits, legal processes, and much more. From utilities subscriptions like electricity and water, renovations, furniture, and many other services, our consultants complete the entire process necessary for living in Türkiye

Our franchise offices receive theoretical and practical training from Realtor Global’s experienced team, constantly equipping themselves with knowledge about the real estate sector in Türkiye and globally. Moreover, they have the opportunity to receive sectoral, communication, corporate culture, digital marketing, and social media marketing training from domestic and international instructors through Övençoğlu Academy. This way, our investors can access the global investment market with confidence and opportunities.

In addition to simplifying your living standards in Istanbul, we support your real estate investments in Türkiye and many other places around the world. Each franchise office operates as an independent business and represents the Realtor Global brand. A working system of equality, modern technology, knowledge and experience, and a reliable investment plan awaits you.

Realtor Global Offers Privileged Opportunities to Its Franchise Entrepreneurs

Being a franchise branch of Realtor Global brings prestige along with it. Through the trainings provided by Övençoğlu Academy, we prepare our young entrepreneurs to take their place in the industry, continually increase their earnings, and represent our highly marketable brand worldwide. The trainings we offer to our franchise branches include sales and marketing, after-sales services, real estate markets of Türkiye and the world, legal processes, current developments in the real estate sector, corporate culture, and more. Alongside our internationally valid practical and theoretical trainings, we also utilize the latest technology. With our CRM system, fieldwork, communication, and marketing, you will learn much more and be ready to lead in the industry. At the end of the training, you will be entitled to receive a certificate and have access to consultancy support whenever needed.

Realtor Global Franchise branches aim to connect with investors from all around the world. We also provide young entrepreneurs who want to progress in the real estate sector and plan to earn profits with the assurance of "be your own boss!" From the moment you decide to become a franchise branch, our experienced team in the field is with you! In addition to representing our leading company in the international real estate sector, you increase your global recognition.

To our Realtor Global franchise branches, we offer:

  • Trainings by Övençoğlu Academy
  • Investment consultancy
  • Human resources support
  • International perspective
  • Experience in sales and marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence Supported CRM System
  • Customer network accessible from all over the world
  • Global portfolio support
  • Worldwide brand recognition
  • Office support

As one of our franchise branches, you can represent us all around the world. Reach out to Realtor Global now and make a difference in the real estate sector!

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