Modern Architectural House Styles in Turkey

Finding the perfect house fit for everyone is challenging that is why modern houses are the best option for investors, they have all you need from delicacy, simplest, and elegancy which is aesthetically appealing to the eye. Modern Architectural Turkish Houses are becoming more popular those days as the investors prefer warm sun-drenched apartments for a more healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

While exploring Turkey you’ll notice plenty of unique styles of architecture in different cities. The climate in Turkey is surprisingly diverse, historically speaking house building materials have always been very different from each other in turkey. In Central Anatolia, to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter you’ll find homes made of sun-dried bricks. For this reason, stone houses are the preferred style in this region. Strong and durable are the basic characteristics of the traditional Turkish house in addition to its’ functional, economical and aesthetic aspects. Especially from the late Ottoman period all the way to the early periods of the modern Turkish Republic.

What are traditional house styles in Turkey?

What are traditional house styles in Turkey?

In cities like Istanbul which is historically known for the seaside mansions which are among the most exclusive of the Turkish traditional houses, the landscape is being occupied with modern buildings, skyscrapers, and a combination of conventional apartments.

Many houses are built from wood on the Black Sea region, and further north, the wooden houses are very common in Rize, Bolu, and Trabzon. The main reasons are the accessibility, and availability of wood provided from the rich forests in that region. Plus, wood makes a durable material choice for housing in rainy and cold climates as in this region.

In places with hot climates like Bodrum, which is famous for its’ white houses with blue windows; painting the houses white aims to keep the interiors cool by reflecting more sunlight compared to other houses in a different color. Painting the doors and windows blue is intended to protect them from insects such as scorpions and snakes. The houses in Bodrum are generally made of stone.

What are the modern architectural house types in Turkey?

There are still really old traditional techniques used for building houses in Turkey. However, new modern architecture started to develop in the country as well. These developments represent new construction methods and techniques all the way from the modern luxurious villas that are popular in the Mediterranean region of Turkey to the high skyscrapers and magnificent projects taking place in the rest of the country.

Located in different cities ranging from Istanbul to Izmir, from Ankara to Hatay, and from Konya to Kayseri, these modern projects are stylish, comfortable, and luxurious enough to make everyone's dreams come true also contributing a great deal to Turkey's architectural aesthetics.

In architecture, there are no rules or equations, but creativity and artistic imagination are embodied in reality through construction techniques. To sum it up, the modern interface is based on the general appearance as one monolithic unit, and not on the small details that is characterized in the old classic houses.

What is modern design of a Turkish house?

What is modern design of a Turkish house?

It is a style of interior design that emerged in the early 20th Century and continues to inspire interior designers to this day. It is the antithesis of traditional design, relying on clean lines, a simple neutral color palette, and pairing everything down as decoration. It is special because it emphasizes on abstract thinking, functionality, and the designer's idea of modern living.

Modern vs. Contemporary Style

As time passes, contemporary style evolves. It is not tied to a specific era and might include modern features. Curved furniture is common in contemporary designs. It changes with the times and expands with the trends. It is frequently uneven and decorated with a variety of shapes.

The definition of modern style is widely contested, and it will almost certainly continue to be so in the future. A certain era is reflected in the modern style. Many people adopt modern style into their homes and offices because of its simple, functional character, as many people aim for simplicity in their lives. People are drawn to modern style because it appears to simplify things. This feature is in line with the open-concept design trend. Traditional textiles, such as curtains, are rarely seen in modern design. This shows that functionality complements the design.

By time the idea of modern design changes and it becomes simple, and more comfortable for the subjects. As new trends come out with each day, it does not have a specific type but it has certain characteristics.


What are modern house types in Turkey?


The most beautiful house in the world is, of course, a living space with comfort and peace where we genuinely feel at home. For this, of course, a regular garden is a must, with its ‘pool and dazzling eclectic architecture. Not only the facilities should be built according to this style but also the materials used should be in line with the modern concept. In Turkey; concrete, reinforced steel, glass, and even plastic is used for the rich, warm, and sun-drenched houses. Other wooden accents are also used with large beams to create a contrast to the rest of the structure.

Traditional Turkish homes have a larger footprint compared to modern homes that are typically divided into a number of small, purpose-built rooms rather than a few large ones. After all, traditional homes were designed for more traditional big families and households which are getting smaller and more efficient by time. Many builders use the open-concept design for new homes, including many that look traditional on the outside but really modern and simple on the inside. This method is very useful to make the most of the space keeping with the minimalist design, modern floor plans, with multi-purpose rooms, and seamless open spaces.

Who said that the beauty of the house is in its’ big size?

Small modern facades look classier because they are designed with great care, and this is what you should do with a small facade of a house; design it carefully.

Here are some tips for designing distinctive small modern villa for sale in Turkey facades:

- Stay away from too many details

- Make the door and the windows as large as possible to make an effect that shows that the house is wider

- Add few colors as possible to remain clear and expressive

- If you plan to make the house with several floors, its’ length may seem inconsistent with its width. Using the facade elements to break the longitudinal shape in a smart and attractive way can help to tackle this issue.

Anyone who wants to build a new house will simply want it with a new modern look. As a result, everyone is searching for the modern house facades, as they are characterized by finishes that have no limits for creativity because they do not go according to specific rules, they go for every taste and every style.

With the development of building and finishing techniques and materials, the ability to differ and being distinctive has increased, both of which are essential aspects about designing the facades of modern houses.

Modern houses are always preferred by foreign buyers for purchasing real estate in Turkey for investment as they become more popular. So, make sure to be one of the many people to have a house to with an elegant and timeless design that will look modern for years to come.

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