Intense Interest from Kazakhstan Citizens to Türkiye

Türkiye a favorite holiday destination for citizens of Kazakhstan, continues to attract more tourists each year. The fact that the number of Kazakh tourists visiting Türkiye reached 826,319 in 2023 is a concrete indicator of this interest and popularity. So, why is Türkiye so attractive to Kazakh tourists, and how can our country achieve its 2024 goal of welcoming 1 million visitors?

The Appeal of Türkiye for Kazakh Tourists

Kazakh tourists take many criteria into account while planning their vacations and life in attractive locations in Türkiye. Alongside the unity of rich culture and history, the experience of all four seasons, the strengthening of investment plans with strategic plans, and the increase in living comfort, envisioning a future in our country is not far-fetched. Here are the main reasons for the tourism journey from Kazakhstan to Türkiye;

  • Cultural Proximity and Hospitality: Kazakh tourists feel at home in Türkiye. The similarities between Turkish and Kazakh cultures, the ease of understanding the language, and the hospitality of the Turkish people play a significant role.
  • Diversity: Türkiye offers many different holiday options, including sun, sea, sand, history, culture, nature, and adventure tourism. Its unique cuisine that maintains its intercultural appeal, cities worth visiting, clear beaches, ease of transportation, and much more, are successful in attracting tourists' interest with their choices.
  • Transportation Ease and Visa Exemption: It is quite easy for citizens of Kazakhstan to travel to Türkiye. Direct flight options and visa exemption make this choice even more attractive.

Kazakh tourists, along with their various preferences, visit Türkiye, dreaming of a perfect holiday. Due to the increasing interest, they can easily access the places they feel they belong to. For Kazakhs, Türkiye is a place where they can plan everything from vacation to investment rotation.

Kazakhs in Türkiye: Strategies to Achieve the 2024 Goal

To realize its goal of hosting 1 million Kazakh tourists by 2024, Türkiye can:

1. Further promote its natural beauties, historical, and cultural richness.

2. Effectively utilize social media, collaborate with international content creators, and deploy digital marketing campaigns.

3. Develop special tourism packages catering to the interests of Kazakh tourists. These should range from child-friendly holidays for families to adventure and entertainment options for the youth.

4. Innovate in customer service and accommodation options to make tourists' experiences in Türkiye unforgettable.

The influx of tourists from Kazakhstan to Türkiye is a win-win situation for both countries. Achieving Türkiye's 2024 target is possible with the right strategies and innovative approaches. Türkiye, capturing the hearts of Kazakh tourists with its hospitality and diversity, can further increase this interest. Realtor Global continues to serve as Türkiye's international bridge while connecting you with a splendid future. We will provide opportunities to visit our country before making your investment choices, allowing you to see our popular destinations and plan your life in the place where you feel happiest.

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