How to buy property in Turkey with Realtor Turkey?


The property market in Turkey is growing by the days. The reasons are obviously not unconnected with the reasons more, and more people want to live in Turkey. Some of those factors include a cheaper cost of living, great climate, and easy access to residency, etc. However, there are many properties for sale in Turkey, but you need to follow the right procedures to purchase the best quality property at the most affordable rates possible. There many ways of buying a property in Turkey but these steps will help you settle for the best possible deal.


1.)    Do thorough research

If you want to buy a property in Turkey, you have to start by doing thorough research. Have in mind that the property market in Turkey is growing each day and there are therefore many properties for sale in Turkey especially in Antalya. With that said, there are obviously many real estate agents too. These real estate agents will give you different pieces of advice, but it is important for you to conduct your personal research about your budget, the cost of the property in question. If you must pass through a real estate agent, it is preferable to go to those agents with many years of experience and with much available property for sale in Turkey so that you could choose from a variety.


2.)    Compare your agents and build a good rapport with the promising ones

It is advisable to check testimonials online and compare the services of many agents before settling on one. While choosing your agents, make sure you go for the solid and credible ones and while at it, do your best to make sure that they understand you and your requirements. Also, remember that Turkey is a big country regarding surface area so bear in mind that there might be differences in climate in the different regions.


Once you notice a competent agent, open up and create a good rapport with him. Have in mind that if you are shy, your agent may not fully understand your expectations. Thus, you need to communicate with him as much as possible to be sure you two are on the same page.


3.)    Visit Turkey and go on a property inspection

Of course, you can’t and shouldn’t buy a property you haven’t seen. Remember that houses, apartments, and offices are not cheap so you don’t want to waste money on a property you might not like. Have in mind that you will not only live in your acquired property but you will need to live in that particular neighborhood too. Therefore, you have to be sure if the surroundings are perfect for you.


Also, through a site inspection, you will be able to better appraise the property for sale in Turkey. With a great real estate agent, you can dedicate about four days or more just to check out different properties and see the one that meets your standards best. However, it is imperative to avoid inspection trips offered by branded developers. The reason is that you will probably miss out on many other properties for sale in Turkey because this specific developer will only show you property sold by them.


4.)    Conclude negotiations and pay for the property

After site inspections, you will hopefully settle on one property that best suits your needs. Thus, you have to proceed to negotiate the price with the real estate agents. Once the two parties come into agreement, you can now proceed to sign the contract. However, remember to appoint a solicitor by power of attorney to conclude the purchase for you. The final step to complete your real estate purchase in Turkey is registering your TAPU (or title deed).


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