How To Bring Your Car To Turkey in 2023?

I know you have been in love with the country and might already live permanently or are wondering about moving to Turkey soon. Now, the whole process of bringing your car to Turkey seems too long, expensive, and inaccessible for a foreigner. 

We tend to overthink when getting a house or a car abroad. Whether you own a car in your home country, you know how documentation, registration, and taxes work. Once you land in a new country where the language, culture, and laws are different, you have no idea where to start.

Read on and find out that bringing your car to Turkey is easier than you think.

Automobile Laws For Foreigner Cars, What You Need to Know?

Turkish automobile regularization and registration are quite strictly for foreigners who are willing to bring their cars to the country. Be ready to pay high taxes and provide tons of documentation. Cheer up, it’s not as bad as it seems. For instance, let’s suppose you bring to Turkey a Ferrari or a Bentley, and those types of cars are categorized into the upper E and F segments (luxury cars), thereby you will have to pay more taxes.

Note: Every car is segmented into a category in which the taxes will be accordingly to the car model, price, motor, and so forth.

Embarking onto the road to bring your car to Turkey appears a straightforward and comprehensible process, once you get started with the right steps, we guarantee that you won’t be lost and confused at all. 

Bear in mind that there are a number of steps that followed concisely will lead to a successful and effortless process of bringing your lovely car to Turkey.

Legal Conditions For Foreigners Applicants Must Follow

  • Be a resident or national of the country you owned the vehicle.
  • You must not have spent more than 185 days in Turkey within the previous year. The piece of advice here is to bring your car as soon as possible.
  • Resident permit holders' cars have the right to keep their vehicles in Turkey only with a valid Residence Permit.

At the Police headquarters, officials will request your passport for entry-exit stamps and verify the previous dates to check you are eligible to enter Turkey with a foreign-plated car. The verification stage will certify whether you stayed over 180 days away from your country of residence, traveling, staying in different countries, or a gap of a year, under these conditions, you won’t be allowed to bring your car. 

What if one of your family members or friends brings your car to Turkey?

 You will have to give the power of attorney to the destinated person that is bringing your car to Turkey.  For further details on how the power of attorney works in Turkey read a post blog on the subject, link here

When they arrive in Turkey will be necessary to declare the translated and notarized or obtained by a consulate.

Before you enter Turkey you should inform the reason you are bringing your car to the country. Fill out the form with your personal details and the car registration, residence permit and etc. The Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade has an app that you can access anywhere, not time-consuming. The good news, the app is in English. Click here.

After you have submitted it, you will need to apply to get Foreign Vehicles Temporary Entry Certificate (Yabancı Taşıtlar Geçici Giriş Belgesi - YTGGK). Also called a Blue Card you can obtain it from Turkey Touring and Automobile Association (TURING).

Documents You’ll Need 

Keep in mind before leaving your resident country ensure that you are getting all necessary documents and car registration.

  •  A valid Passport and a photocopy
  •  A valid international driver’s license and a photocopy)
  •  Proof of vehicle ownership, vehicle registration certificate, and purchase invoice.
  • Residence permit (for work, retirement or to study)
  • Work permit or retirement visa (or a document from your country that proves you are
  •  Student certificate ( still studying)
  •  Green card insurance or car insurance should be valid in Turkey
  • Security deposit
  • Blue card application

You will have to have all the documents above translated from your language into Turkish and notarized.

Realtor Global is a portal of trust, you can utilize one of our services to get your car to Turkey without leaving your country.

Contact us now, and our team will be ready to solve any doubts you might have.

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