How did Covid-19 affect the real estate market in Turkey?

With the Covid 19 process, the world has entered a very different period. Along with technological developments, there is a period that affects our habits from our daily life to our business life. Of course, these developments have naturally affected every sector as well. We can say that every sector, from health to construction, has been affected both well and badly. One of them was the real estate market. Travel bans and fluctuations in exchange rates have especially affected people who want to invest in foreign countries.

It is obvious that the real estate market in Turkey has been a very good opportunity for foreign investors for many years. Although travel bans caused disruptions or possible losses in some places in this process, especially the changes in the exchange rate created a separate advantage for foreign investors throughout Turkey.

Since the normalization and controlled life process around the world, travel bans have been lifted significantly, and the uncertainties in the real estate market for different reasons have been replaced by normalization and even new opportunities. And Turkey is among the countries that have been successful in covid 19 with the measures taken as a country and a successful controlled life process.

It is up to you to turn crises into opportunities

Unwanted situations and crises may occur all the time in life. Always looking at these crises from the negative side can cause us to have losses in life all the time. The Covid - 19 process has led to many negative situations, and at the same time, it has been instrumental in many developments and acceleration of improvements, especially in health. If you are someone who is considering investing in a foreign country or if you are thinking of investing in the real estate sector in general, Turkey is one of the best opportunities.

In the list prepared by Ceoworld magazine according to basic needs such as real estate, accommodation, clothing, internet access, food, transportation, public services and restaurant fees, Turkey was shown as one of the cheapest countries in Europe. Due to fluctuations in foreign currency, you can reach your dream home, your dream summer home, your targeted investment values with real estates in Turkey.

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