GİGDER 2nd Ordinary General Assembly Held

The Real Estate Services Exporters Association (GİGDER), serving as one of the international reference points for real estate, including Realtor Global, held its 2nd Ordinary General Assembly meeting on November 8, 2023, with the participation of many members. The meeting addressed various topics in the international flagship association for the real estate sector in Türkiye, ranging from changes in regulations to the election of the board of directors.

Anıl Övençoğlu, the Founder and Chairman of Realtor Global, also attended the meeting held in Istanbul. Crucial points of the sector, such as the selection of the presidium, examination of activity reports, budget, and regulation changes, were discussed during the meeting.

What is GİGDER? What Activities Does It Engage in the Real Estate Sector?

GİGDER, a gathering aimed at strengthening international real estate investments for our country and representing Türkiye globally to better articulate the expectations of our members engaged in real estate sales and industry representatives. The association, which includes many real estate companies and board members, has set its goal to achieve the objectives in international real estate trade.

GİGDER, with its mission to influence sectoral activities that will shape Türkiye's real estate exports, includes a board of directors, a high consultation board, an executive board, an audit board, committees, and regulations. The vision of the association is to become a reference point for Türkiye's real estate sector in the international market, a vision shared by us as Realtor Global, as we are also members of the association.

Realtor Global Participated in the 2nd GİGDER General Assembly Meeting

In accordance with the Board of Directors' decision dated September 19, 2023, the 1st Session of the 2nd Ordinary General Assembly of GİGDER took place on November 8, 2023, Wednesday, at 09:00 in Istanbul - Halkalı. The agenda of the general assembly included topics such as "Election and Authorization of the Presidium," "Reading and Voting on the Activity Reports and Tables for the Period from July 6, 2021, to November 8, 2023," "Reading and Voting on the Audit Board Report," "Reading and Voting on the Estimated Budget for 2024-2025," "Regulation Changes," and "Election of Association Organs."

Realtor Global, a leading company in the international real estate sector, attended the GİGDER general assembly meeting. Our Founder and Chairman, Anıl Övençoğlu, also participated under the leadership of the new president, Bayram Tekçe. We continue our membership in the association to strengthen international real estate investments for our country and better represent our interests on national and international platforms.

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