Fines For Neighbors Who Break Silence In Türkiye

Did you know that you can file a complaint if your neighbor is making noise in Türkiye? May pay fine for breaking the silence. Although neighbors live together in a framework of respect, love and understanding, disagreements may arise in some cases. For this reason, people may complain about each other. Neighborhood relations in Türkiye, beliefs and behaviors from culture and traditions also affect future generations. There are even many proverbs and sayings about neighborly relations. Sentences such as "The neighbor needs the neighbor's ashes" clearly express that the neighbor is the representative of solidarity and support.

In this blog we will talk about the importance of neighborly relations in Türkiye, the penalties and consequences of making noise. If your neighbor is being noisy, listen to what we have to say! You may have been patient until now and you may be looking for ideas on what to do. At this point, there is more than one solution to your problem. So what are those solutions? Let's take a look together!

Why are Neighborhood Relations Important in Türkiye?

The concept of neighborhood holds an important place in Turkish culture. This element, which forms the structure of society, is a way of life that affects daily life in different ways and is found in living spaces. In Türkiye, which has kept different cultures together in the past and present and incorporated them into the living environment, neighborly relations are considered to be a guarantee of a happy life. As in the philosophy of human existence, people need to be together in society. It is one of the forms of social relations that you need to sustain your life, reduce the mental and physical effects, sometimes meet your material needs and be in solidarity.

With the coexistence of different cultures, neighborhood relations in Türkiye continue to maintain their importance. Especially in public housing areas, people live next to each other. Sometimes your neighbor can be like your family. The people who form the basis of your private and social life are your neighbors. The phenomenon of acting together in the relations established between societies brings with it the requirements of living in harmony.


When buying real estate in Türkiye, neighbors are just as important, especially in public housing. It is your right to want your chosen investment area to be peaceful, quiet and respectful. Each region has its own distinctive neighborhoods. Some live in modern residences, some in villa complexes and some in neighborhoods. Owners and tenants are expected to respect the opinions and lifestyles of their neighbors and to abide by the rules of the neighborhoods in which they live.

What Is Breaking The Silence In Türkiye's Neighborhood Relations?

Everyone wants to live in peace and tranquility. At the same time, they feel trust, respect, and love for the other person. Sometimes there are people in your living space with whom you do not agree. The problem of expressing their wishes becomes greater and greater. If your neighbor behaves in a way that disturbs the peace of your apartment or complex, and especially if there is loud noise, the environment in which you live becomes less quiet. A noisy neighbor can disturb you and other neighbors in many ways.

Circumstances cited as causes of noise;

  • Listening to loud music
  • Organizing entertainment or parties with a large number of guests in the evening outside the apartment rules
  • Running cleaning equipment such as brooms, etc. at late hours
  • Noise from children
  • Talking loudly

These situations can be complained about in various ways if they disturb peace and quiet. Article 18 of the Condominium Law states: "Condominium owners and other persons residing in the building as tenants, etc., are obliged to observe the rules of propriety, especially not to disturb each other and not to violate each other's rights while using both independent sections and common areas.

Apartment dwellers should take care not to make noise between the specified hours. Noise, especially during working hours, gives the other party the right to file a complaint. According to the Apartment Noise Regulations, it is forbidden to make noise on working days, especially between 13:00 and 15:00 and 19:00 and 07:00, and on weekends. Such noise includes listening to loud music, running the vacuum cleaner at high volume, and using a musical instrument in such a way that other people can hear it.

If you have problems with any of the items in the Residential Noise Ordinance, you can file a complaint against your neighbor for making noise. For information on the grounds for filing a complaint, see the appropriate ordinance. Click here!


Contrary to popular belief, children's noise is also a cause for complaint. According to Section 18 of the Condominium Act and Section 36 of the Criminal Code, "unbearable" noise from children is considered noise. Although it is sometimes believed that children's noise can be dealt with naturally or that it is a legitimate situation, this is a misconception. If there is a nuisance caused by a neighbor's child, those living in the house have the right to file a complaint.

Can I Complain About A Noisy Neighbor In Türkiye, How Can I Do It?

It may be necessary to prove the fact that noise is being made in residential buildings. In such cases, people turn to video and audio recording systems. However, in this case, even if you make a video recording with your mobile phone, you will not be able to use it as evidence. Therefore, you must file a noise report with the appropriate authorities. To do this, you must call the police or the county sheriff.

To prevent noise from your neighbor, you have 4 different ways to file a complaint:

  • You can do this by filing a complaint with the police about your neighbor's noise. This will make your neighbor pay a fine.
  • By calling Alert Line 155, you can open a record of the complaint at the police station.
  • By calling Alo Line 181, you can file a complaint with the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.
  • You can file a lawsuit by filing a complaint with the Magistrate Civil Court.

These methods should be followed in order. Because filing a lawsuit is the last step in this matter. First of all, it is better to contact your neighbor. In the process of communication, you will be able to empathize and express your discomfort. You can gently warn him to make less noise. However, if this method degenerates into an argument and a fight, you may have to consider other methods.

When using the lawsuit method, a decibel noise level test can be performed. If the decibel level listed in the Official Gazette is exceeded, it means that your neighbor is indeed making noise. Click here for more information.

Whether neighbors are noisy or not is determined according to information provided by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.

What Is The Fine For A Noisy Neighbor In Türkiye?

Starting in 2023, there will be a set amount that neighbors will have to pay for noise complaints. These amounts vary depending on the authority imposing the fine.

The fine for noise as a result of complaints to the police and law enforcement for 2023 is 1,594 TL. If the case goes to court, the fine ranges from 250 TL to 2000 TL. According to Article 33 of the Condominium Law No. 634, the upper limit of the fine is 2,000 TL. The regulation on administrative fines to be imposed under the Environmental Protection Law No. 2872, published in 2023 (2023/1), approved this provision. A fine of 4,800 TL is to be paid in case of non-compliance with the regulations. This fine has been determined by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.  The fine is applied when neighbors complain about noise in the house. Its amount has been increased by 122.93%, which is a re-evaluation factor established under the General Regulation of the Tax Procedure Law (File Number: 542). In case of repeated and intentional noise disturbance, the affected citizen can file a lawsuit for damages, and the amount will increase even more.

How To Solve The Problem Of Noisy Neighbors In Türkiye?

If your neighbors make a lot of noise, do not follow the rules of the apartment, and keep raising the noise level, you have the right to complain about them. There are many ways to complain about your neighbors. The following are situations you should use to correct your noise problem:

Talk to your neighbor: You can verbally notify your neighbor. You can tell him or her the reasons for your complaint, tell him or her you understand, and ask him or her to be more careful and not make noise, especially during certain hours. Explaining your reasons in a polite way can strengthen your communication with your neighbor.

File a complaint with the police or your neighborhood police officer: You can call your neighborhood police or Alo 155 to file a complaint.

File a lawsuit with your neighborhood court: You can file a lawsuit to stop your neighbor from making noise.

If the problems continue and there is no solution, you can buy out the noisy neighbor's house together with the other neighbors under Section 25 of the Condominium Act, "Obligation to Transfer Condominium Ownership". Despite the financial burden, this would be a last resort.

There are several methods you can use to prevent noise from your neighbors. You can also get help from our team in dealing with this issue. Contact Realtor Global before you invest in a property! Our company always recommends properties in quieter neighborhoods that have not been involved in any incidents and have not received any such complaints. After all, customer satisfaction is our top priority, allowing you to live in peace, safety and comfort. And if there are any problems, we will assist you in all stages of legal matters.

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