Buy with Confidence, Rent Successfully – Buying and Renting a House in Alanya

Alanya is one of the locations preferred by those who want to take a summer vacation by buying or renting a house. Summer rental house in Alanya offers a comfortable holiday opportunity thanks to its usage areas such as kitchen, living room and white goods. You can choose a house from Realtor Turkey Estate before you decide to buy a summer house and for rent. You can buy a house and evaluate it as an investment property, rent the house you buy and earn high profits and at the same time have a trouble-free holiday experience. Here is what you can find in the houses we will offer you;

We fully respond to your needs:

The summer house can be rented for a short period of time such as weekly or seasonally for longer stays. You can reach full information about the existence of items that may be needed in the house according to the length of stay. Attention is paid to the availability of white goods that may be needed such as washing machine and kitchen utensils for long-term stays such as monthly or seasonal. The number of beds and bathrooms is also taken into account according to the number of people staying in the summer house.

We offer the most suitable house for your budget:

Although there are many options in popular holiday resorts such as Alanya, some criteria can be kept flexible in order to find a budget-friendly summer house. In the towns extending both to the sea and to the land, summer houses in the inner regions can be preferred as well as the seaside. We help you to have the chance to have a quieter and more economical holiday by choosing a summer house away from the sea, especially in locations where urban transportation is easy.

Make a Location Selection

Let us help you choose a summer house close to certain areas such as nature or the seaside, depending on the purpose of the holiday you want to take. If you are not going to go by private car, if a house or long-term rental is to be made in a central location with transportation points, we will give you your key from the most accurate address with information about the existence of places such as the pool, entertainment venues, market, pharmacy, etc. In addition, airport transportation of rental apartment is very important. Alanya has 2 nearby airports with options. The International Gazipaşa Airport is approximately 25 kilometers away, and the International Antalya Airport is 125 kilometers away.

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