All Details About How To Get Turkish Citizenship!

Want to get citizenship and live in Turkey? Here are the details ...

In order to acquire our citizenship, you must apply to the Provincial Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship, exceptionally to the Ministry of Interior and to our representative offices abroad. These transactions can be initiated in person or with a special power of attorney. How to get turkish citizenship?

Requirements for Turkish Citizenship:

  • The applicant must be of age according to the laws of the country of citizenship, and if he/she is stateless, he is 18 years old according to the Turkish Civil Code.
  • Before application uninterrupted live legally in Turkey for at least 5 years (short-term residence permits received for tourism purposes are not considered in the citizenship application.)
  • To a certain behavior that decided to settle with Turkey (buy real estate, employment office to open a Turkish citizen, etc.)
  • The absence of a dangerous disease that threatens public health
  • Having good morals and obeying etiquette
  • Not to be a threat to national security and public order
  • Have sufficient income to stay in Turkey

We have listed all the details about how to get turkish citizenship for you.

Conditions for the Exceptional Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

  • To purchase real estate worth at least 250,000 USD with a 3-year non-selling annotation
  • Depositing deposits of at least 500,000 USD to the bank provided that they do not withdraw for 3 years
  • Legal employment of at least 50 Turkish citizens
  • To purchase government debt instruments worth at least 500.000 USD provided that they are kept for 3 years
  • To purchase real estate investment fund participation shares of at least 500,000 USD and venture capital investment fund participation shares for 3 years.
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