6 Countries Announced in the Official Gazette for Visa-Free Travel to Türkiye

With the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a "Presidential Decision" was published in the Official Gazette. Accordingly, the United States, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Oman have been added to the list of countries whose citizens can travel to Türkiye without a visa. The decision will apply to citizens with general passports for tourism purposes. This decision was made in accordance with Article 18 of the Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection.

With the decision published in the Official Gazette, citizens of these 6 countries will be able to make their tourist visits to Türkiye with a visa exemption. According to the statement related to the decision, a visa-free travel opportunity will be provided for up to 90 days in every 180 days. The marketing efforts of the Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency, which has been actively promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, have yielded quick results. Now, citizens of these countries can easily make their travel and investment plans.

The Decision for Visa-Free Travel to Türkiye Will Positively Affect Tourism

The decision to remove the visa requirement for tourist travels from the United States, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Oman will positively impact tourism significantly. According to data from experts, there are a large number of tourists who frequently visit Türkiye from Gulf Countries. Therefore, the decision for visa-free travel is expected to intensify travel plans to the country

According to the tourism sector, the goal of hosting international citizens in the country is expected to increase by 50%. Data suggests that especially the Black Sea region, Istanbul, and the Mediterranean are preferred destinations.

Which Countries Can Visit Türkiye Without a Visa?

The rules for visiting Türkiye can vary from country to country. For more detailed information, international citizens should comply with the travel regulations of their own country and Türkiye. The "Law on Foreigners and International Protection" prepared by the Directorate General of Migration Management is taken into consideration for these regulations.

Citizens of 97 countries are exempt from Turkish visas, and citizens of 23 countries can obtain an electronic visa without any conditions. Turkey switched to a completely electronic visa and arrival program on April 11, 2014.

Investment Opportunities for International Citizens Traveling to Türkiye Without a Visa

International citizens traveling to Türkiye will also have advantages in real estate investments. In addition to being able to visit the country without a visa for 90 days, they will also have the opportunity to become familiar with the country. Türkiye's magnificent beaches, its indispensable and rich cuisine, cosmopolitan lifestyle, the continuous development of trade and tourism, future-oriented career planning, an economy that maintains its prestige and continuously appreciates in value, and much more are becoming focal points of interest for visitors.

Investors planning to settle in Türkiye will have the chance to familiarize themselves with the country and find individuals who speak the same language. International citizens, even if they do not live in Türkiye, can benefit from investment opportunities. So, how can investors in Türkiye have privileges?

Residence Permit: In Türkiye, foreigners who intend to stay longer than the period granted by the visa or visa exemption, or more than ninety days, are required to obtain a residence permit. Citizens can apply for this permit through the consulates of their own countries. Applications can be made for short and long-term residence permits, family residence permits, and student residence permits.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment: Investing in real estate in Türkiye is gaining value for obtaining Turkish citizenship. Through this, international investors can acquire citizenship rights, including property deeds and residence permits.

Visa-Free Travel: Although the travel rules to Türkiye vary according to countries, citizens of the United States, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Oman from the 6 countries can benefit from visa exemption for 90 days in every 180 days.

Investment and Rental in Property: Investors can purchase properties for living, business, or rental purposes. Under the required conditions, they can earn rental income in foreign currency from their properties.

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