3 Reasons You Should Take Demirtaş District As A New Level Of Investment in Alanya

Appreciate one of the most profitable real estate investments in the beautiful district of Alanya called Demirtaş translated means “iron rock” the formidable and rich history presented in the area attracts your attention to the ancient Syedra town and paradisiac sandy beaches, which makes this location a high potential Real Estate option for investors looking for a sublime and peaceful living.

In this blog post, we will cover the best aspects of this region and explore the advantages of investing in the district that grabs people’s attention for the beautiful environment and fantastic properties for sale in Alanya.

1. What Can You Benefit From Choosing Demirtaş As A Potential Real Estate Investment?

The solidification of the real estate market in the area is expanding and growing notoriety rapidly, investors have perceived the chance to obtain an impressive home with a well-appointed interior design fully furnished with customized furniture, and a luxurious vacation-like atmosphere provides to you a valued lifestyle with proximity to the stunning beaches where for some the main reason of investing in real estate in Demirtaş is purely for the fact of being a refuge of peacefulness you won’t find a lot of tourists throughout, you will stick with the serenity you deserve.

You are willing to generate high incomes throughout the year. The warm summer and mild winter weather offer the outstanding opportunity to own a wide range of properties, more on that later. For instance, imagine you are walking barefoot through the sandy beaches, breezeless touches your hair, and you smile at the loved ones beside you while watching mesmerizing sea views and waves breaking on the shore, it seems like life has never been so quiet and joyful. That is the way, you will feel by enjoying the beach-loving lifestyle and investing in a money-worthy home.

2. Does The Location Always Matter?

Before answering this question, you have to bear in mind that this region does provide amenities throughout the neighborhood with easy access to bus stops by the highway D400, which connects to nearby areas, the city center is less than a 30-minute drive, the Gazipaşa Airport is within 15km and, the beaches are with proximity to properties, obviously depending where you purchased the unit will vary the distance to the beach. Overall the location will not make you preoccupied with the effort to find amenities, transportation, and the beautiful sea. 

A remarkable secret Roman ancient town Syedra highly recommends to explore on historic and well-preserved ruins located in a port town in the region of ancient Cilicia, Pamphylia, in other words, on the southern coast of Turkey, which is only a 30-minute drive from Demirtaş you will find the town with upper elevation with breathtaking sea views ideal for enjoying the mix of stunning sea views and historic spots in the 3rd century BC.

Yes, location is one of the main reasons a new investor moves forward or steps back. The good news is that Demirtaş is a desirable location to invest in Alanya.

3. Why Investing With Realtor Global "Uptown 2" Development Leads You To Profitable Real Estate?

Admit that you have been searching for a respectful and trustworthy company that embodies a number of achievements nationally and internationally and strives with expertly in real estate investments as a global brand with solid experience.

We have the perfect Real estate investment today for you with a new development. The "Uptown 2" offers a more compelling future investment where you will find that the properties for sale in Demirtaş promote tranquility and modern living. The interiors are created tastefully with luxurious layouts with unbeatable comfort combined with attention to detail and harmonious spaces with the possibility to own a property furnished or to inject your personal design. The units are available in 1 & 2-bedroom configurations and thoughtful layout plans vary between 47 sqm and 125 sqm. The sandy beaches are within 900 meters, the Gazipaşa Airport is 62km away, and moments away from amenities. The building plot area consists of 3.200 sqm.

You will benefit from resort-like facilities: indoor-outdoor pools, steam room, sauna, massage room, relaxing room, bar, vitamin bar, sports courts, playgrounds, video surveillance, and parking lot. The shuttle and rental car service is within easy reach.

Take advantage now with a 40% down payment with flexible installment plans. The development commenced in September 2022 and will conclude on September 2024. Live on your own, get a stable rental income or reinvest - it's even easier, as we offer you not only luxurious full facilitated apartments but also a source of income as you can earn up to 7% of the apartments cost from renting it out.

Check it out: Uptown 2 investment here.

Secure your home with Realtor Global.

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