Seismic Safety in Turkey: Is It Worth Buying A Property in Turkey?

Seismic Safety in Turkey: Is It Worth Buying A Property in Turkey?

The Safest Regions For Investing in Residential Real Estate in Turkey: A Comparison Of The Level Of Seismic Safety And Advantages

Regions safest for investing in residential real estate in Türkiye: a comparison of seismic safety levels and advantages of each region


When it comes to buying property abroad, many people faced with the issue of seismic safety. Türkiye is no exception, as it is located in an area of high seismic activity. However, not all regions of Türkiye are equally prone to earthquakes. This blog will look at recent earthquakes in different parts of Türkiye and discuss why areas such as Antalya, Alanya, Gazipaşa, and Mersin are earthquake safe and suitable for real estate investments in Türkiye.

Safety First: Türkiye After The Earthquakes

Only recently, in early February, Türkiye was hit by the most powerful earthquake in the last 100 years. On the night of February 5 local time, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck with an epicenter 7 km deep in the province of Kahramanmaras in the southeast of the country, a disaster that affected ten provinces. Such natural disasters always leave behind severe consequences, including loss of life, destruction of infrastructure and homes, and trauma and suffering for survivors. However, the earthquake has prompted more robust measures to ensure the safety of residents and the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings. Although natural disasters always have serious consequences, such events force us to look for new ways and solutions to protect lives and preserve the country's infrastructure.


In addition, as a result of a thorough analysis, Murat Kurum, Turkey's Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, said that after the recent earthquake in Kahramanmarash, it was discovered that 98 percent of the destroyed buildings were built before 1999. It follows that old buildings are less reliable in case of earthquakes, so the authorities plan to demolish old and damaged buildings throughout the country and replace them with modern complexes with internal infrastructure that considers the requirements for seismic resistance. This will improve the safety of residents and protect them from potential future hazards.

What Regions And Areas Are Seismically Safe To Invest in Real Estate in Türkiye?

Despite these terrible tragedies, not all regions of Türkiye have the same high seismic activity. Some regions, such as Antalya, Alanya, Gazipaşa, and Mersin, are located in seismic safe zones.

Antalya, located on the southern coast of Türkiye, is considered one of the most earthquake-proof regions in the country. Antalya's geological characteristics and low earthquake velocity, shallow crustal depth, and lack of large geological ruptures, contribute to the fact that the city is rarely subject to significant seismic activity. Thus, Antalya is considered one of the safest regions for residential real estate investment in Türkiye, and buying a property in Antalya can be an attractive option for those looking for a reliable real estate investment.


Alanya, located on the southeast coast, is also considered relatively safe from seismic activity. This region is also attractive to investors looking for properties to rent. Alanya has many beautiful beaches, attractions, and tourist facilities, which makes it an attractive destination for tourists. This can be very profitable for investors as the real estate market in Alanya is very active.


Gazipaşa, located southeast of Alanya, is also considered seismically safe because it is in a small area and does not have large geological faults that can cause earthquakes. Buying a property in Gazipaşa can be profitable for those looking for properties to rent, as the region is popular with tourists. It is also possible to find real estate in Gazipaşa at an affordable price. It makes it an attractive region for investors looking for low-cost real estate investment opportunities.


Mersin, located on the southeastern coast, is on a seismic rift, but due to the low depth of the crust, there is less seismic activity registered here than in other parts of Türkiye. This makes Mersin one of the safest regions to invest in residential real estate. Real estate in Mersin is also relatively affordable compared to other Mediterranean regions, making it attractive to investors with different income levels.

Seismic Safety Regulation: What Is Being Done To Protect Residential Properties in Türkiye

The Turkish government is taking measures to ensure the safety of housing in areas of high seismic activity. In 1999, a major earthquake in Izmit determined that the country needed a stricter building code to ensure that buildings were seismically safe. As a result, new building codes and standards were adopted that take into account the risks of seismic activity in different areas of Türkiye.


Türkiye’s new buildings and apartments are built according to these standards, ensuring high seismic safety. This means that buildings must be constructed of materials that can withstand strong vibrations and must be reinforced according to national norms and standards. Special commissions check the compliance of buildings under construction with these requirements. In addition, construction companies are fined and even stripped of their licenses for violating these rules.


It is also worth noting that in Türkiye there are special organizations and experts who are engaged in studies of seismic activity and determine the risks in different regions of Türkiye. These organizations provide information on the high-risk areas and where you should be especially careful when choosing a place to build a house. They also develop recommendations to make buildings in these areas safer.


In addition, there are regular earthquake evacuation and rescue drills in Türkiye. These drills involve government agencies, local authorities, seismic safety experts, and ordinary citizens. The quake simulations help people to learn what to do in the event of an earthquake, how to leave a building quickly and safely, and where to go afterward.

A Safe Investment in Real Estate in Türkiye

Despite the high seismic activity in some regions of Türkiye, many investors continue to buy real estate in this country due to the fact that the seismic safety of real estate in Türkiye is a priority for the government and authorities.


In conclusion, Türkiye is an area of high seismic activity, but this does not mean that all regions in the country are equally prone to earthquakes. Regions such as Antalya, Alanya, Gazipaşa, and Mersin are considered earthquake-safe because of their geographic location and the measures taken by the government to ensure safe housing. If you are considering buying a property in Türkiye, be sure to contact Realtor Global for more information on earthquake-safe regions and profitable real estate investments.

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