School in Turkey. Peculiarities Of Admission, Advantages, And Key Aspects

School in Turkey. Peculiarities Of Admission, Advantages, And Key Aspects

Among The Key Points To Consider When Buying Property in Turkey, One Of The Most Important Is Choosing The Right School For The Children

Among the key points to consider when buying property in Turkey, one of the most important is choosing the right school for the children.


Investing in real estate in Turkey is one of the most popular ways to invest money among foreigners. However, when moving to this country with children, it is necessary to pay special attention to the issue of education. 


Choosing the right school for the child is a key decision for the family moving to Turkey. Parents want to be sure that their children will receive a quality education and be able to maintain a connection with their native culture and language. Therefore, before making a decision to invest in real estate in Turkey, it is necessary to research the available options for educational institutions and choose the most suitable one for their children.

Features Of The Education System in Turkey And The Documents Required For Admission To School in Turkey

The education system in Turkey includes both public and private schools. Schooling lasts 12 years and consists of elementary school (İlkokul), middle school (Ortaokul), and high school (Lise). Attendance of a preparatory class (Anasınıf), where children are taught to write, read, count, and other basics, is also compulsory.

In order for a child to enter a school in Turkey, it is necessary to collect a certain package of documents, which includes:

  • the passport;
  • residence permit of the child;
  • a translated Turkish birth certificate with an apostille;

If the child enters school after moving to Turkey in the second grade or later, in addition to the above documents, a certificate confirming the completion of the relevant number of classes, certified by a department of the Ministry of Education of Turkey, will be required.

Public And Private Schools in Turkey: What To Choose And Which Option Is Better?

There are various public schools in Turkey that provide education for free. Public schools in Turkey provide a national-level education that meets the standards of the Ministry of Education. The educational program includes a wide range of subjects, including traditional classes in mathematics, science, literature, foreign language, and other subjects. Foreign nationals are also eligible to enroll in public schools in Turkey, for which they must have the appropriate package of documents mentioned above.


Public schools may be a good choice for those looking for free high-level education. However, it is worth bearing in mind that public schools may have restrictions on certain subjects or languages, as well as on the number of places for international students. Therefore, parents can choose their child to a private school, where tuition is paid. Private schools can have higher standards of education and a more individualized approach to learning.


The educational program in private schools in Turkey, as well as in public schools, includes general and specialized subjects. However, private schools, thanks to a higher financial base, can provide a higher quality of education. In addition, private schools often offer more flexible study programs. The cost of tuition in private schools can vary depending on several factors.

International Schools For Foreigners in Turkey

In addition to traditional Turkish schools, there are also excellent international schools in Turkey that offer instruction in foreign languages such as English, Russian, German, or French. They may also offer international education programs such as the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP). Schools in the International Baccalaureate Program can be found at the following link: There is usually a tuition charge at these schools, and prices usually vary depending on location, level of education, and other factors.


International schools in Turkey usually have high standards of education and a wide range of subjects. These schools may attract foreign teachers who have experience with international schools in other countries as well as local teachers who have experience with international students.


One of the main advantages of international schools in Turkey is that they provide instruction in foreign languages. This can be especially helpful for international students who do not speak Turkish and want to get an education in a foreign language. In addition, international schools in Turkey usually provide educational programs that meet international standards, which can help graduates continue their education abroad.

What Are The Options For International Schools in Turkey For Foreign Families?

There are many international schools in Turkey that offer instruction in various foreign languages and international educational programs. Some of the best-known international schools in Turkey include:

  • Istanbul International Community School is an international school in Istanbul that offers instruction in English and an international education program.
  • The British International School in Istanbul is a British International School in Istanbul, which offers English language instruction and a British education program.
  •  French School in Istanbul (Lycée Français Saint-Joseph d'Istanbul) is a French International School in Istanbul, which offers French language instruction and a French curriculum.
  •  German School in Istanbul (Deutsche Schule Istanbul) is a German International School in Istanbul that offers German language instruction and a German educational program.
  •  TED College Antalya is an international school located in Antalya offering education in English, German, and Turkish. The school is part of the educational network of the Turkish Society for Science and Technology (TED). TED College Antalya offers an international educational program that includes an International Baccalaureate (IB) and A-level diplomas. Actively participates in international projects and exchanges to ensure students have the best possible experience.
  • International Community College Antalya (ICCA) is an international school located in Antalya, offering education in English. ICCA has a diverse students, including students from different countries, which creates an intercultural environment and promotes tolerance and intercultural communication.
  • The Classica-M School corresponds to the Russian educational system. The school provides instruction in Russian, but the students also study the Turkish language and literature. One of the advantages of Classica-M is that it uses classical teaching methods, which include a clear structure of lessons, systematic testing, and focus on the student’s academic achievements. The school also hosts excursions and cultural events that help students immerse themselves in the culture of Turkey.

In addition, there are other international schools in Turkey that may offer instruction in other foreign languages and international educational programs. The choice of a school for quality education in Turkey depends on the preferences and needs of parents and students, as well as the availability of the school and the cost of tuition.


Each private school in Turkey offers its own programs of study, has its own features, and sets its own requirements for admission. If you would like to choose an international school for your child, it is recommended that you contact the school directly for more information on requirements, curriculum, and costs. Ultimately, the choice of school depends on each family's personal preferences and abilities. There are many educational opportunities for children in Turkey, and every child can find the right school for them

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