Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Ankara

Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Ankara

Ankara Has a Lot of Advantages For Those Who Want to Buy Real Estate in Turkey. Let's Take a Look At The Reasons To Buy a Property in Ankara

Over the past couple of years, Turkey has become so "accustomed" to our idea of ​​a new home and a profitable investment that only the lazy one does not discuss the ways and methods of buying property in this warm and hospitable country. This is a region with stunning nature, a wonderful climate and a high standard of living. Why not to take advantage of these “gifts” if there is an opportunity to profitably purchase a property in Turkey?


Housing here is quickly sold and is in high demand. All this is due to the excellent conditions that the Turkish state provides to foreign citizens who wish to invest in real estate or simply buy an apartment or house for themselves and their families. And of course, Turkey consists of a large number of provinces, and each them has its own advantages: these are the most beautiful cities where you want to live and enjoy life, and one such city is Ankara.

Reasons to buy real estate in Ankara

Ankara has a lot of advantages for those who want to buy a property in Turkey. Yes, this is not a seaside city, but it has a long history and stunningly beautiful places to relax and live. Unlike the big and noisy cities of the country, it is cozy and comfortable to live here.


In essence, you are purchasing housing in Central Anatolia with a continental climate. Being at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, in winter Ankara pleases with snow, and sometimes with frosts down to -15 degrees. Well, in general, this is a warm place with residents who wish everyone well. The road to the Black Sea from Ankara extends up to 400 kilometers, and to the Mediterranean up to 500 kilometers. In the summer season, the nearest Turkish resorts can be reached by car, buses and even by plane. Ankara is divided into 25 districts, 16 of which are located directly within the city. Let's take a look at five reasons why you should buy a home in Ankara if you haven't already.

Reasons to invest in housing in Ankara

Cheap properties

While metropolitan areas such as Istanbul offer sky-high real estate prices, Ankara offers affordable real estate investments in Turkey.

Heated housing

Unlike other cities in Turkey, modern apartments with heating are being built in Ankara. For Turkey, this is a rarity, but this region already offers heated housing, since the demand for it among the citizens of the northern countries is great.

Convenient transport accessibility

From Ankara it is easy to get to European countries, as well as to Russia. Transport interchanges within Turkey are arranged in such a way that Ankara allows you to get to almost any Turkish city without any problems.

Zero bureaucracy level

Given that many Turkish cities send documents to Ankara for consideration, this point should not be neglected. There is a wide range of social services: everything is done quickly and conveniently.

Work all year round

Unlike other resort cities in Turkey, Ankara offers a large number of all kinds of jobs almost all year round. Considering the intricacies of obtaining both a work visa and citizenship, it is much easier to find a job in Turkey here in any season.

By investing in real estate in Turkey, namely in Ankara, you, as an investor, will be sure of the return on your investment. A large number of foreign citizens come here to study, as well as to work under a contract. Turks also like to live in rented housing in newly built houses, so there will be practically no problems with renting out housing in Ankara. Given all this, we can conclude that it is easier and more profitable to rent out housing in Ankara, since the demand for it is year-round, unlike the resort regions of Turkey, where real estate is rented for the season. Well, if we take into account the lower cost of housing in Ankara than, for example, compared to Alanya, Istanbul or Antalya, then it will be possible to recoup such housing much faster.


As for the rating of the districts of the city, they are divided into the most popular and quickly paid back in terms of investments. The districts of Altindag, Camlidere, and Beypazari are in the highest demand. If you are buying housing in Ankara for the purpose of investment, then you should look at areas such as Pursaklar, Akyurt, Sincan, Etimesgut and Kahramankazan. Here your investment will pay off faster than in other areas.


Ankara is developing and growing rapidly. This is a city of youth, as there are a large number of universities. The main reason for this rapid growth of the city are modern construction projects. This includes the construction of both high-rise buildings and villas. For those who like to swim in the sea, construction companies of the city provide artificial beaches. Such projects are in the highest demand. Most of the projects include swimming pools, playgrounds, apartments with panoramic views of the city, forest and other beautiful places in the city. It all depends on what project you need to invest in.

Ways to invest in real estate in Ankara

It is possible to invest in a real estate under construction. This is a very profitable investment for an investor, since housing is purchased at “old” prices at the stage of building a residential building. After completion of construction, such an apartment is usually sold for at least 30% more than its original cost.


Renting out an apartment secures a guaranteed stable, and most importantly, passive income. By purchasing an apartment, you rent it out, thereby gradually recouping its cost.


Reselling the apartment at a higher price allows you to earn a lot of money at a time. Your opportunity as an investor is to buy an apartment in Turkey at a reasonable price and resell it at a higher price. A considerable number of investors who earn excellent money work according to this scheme. The apartment can be renovated, furniture added, or some other repair and design work can be carried out to improve its comfort, and therefore its value.

How much is real estate in Ankara?


Ankara offers almost any type of real estate from the most budget apartments to luxury villas of the premium class. Today, the average cost of a standard apartment in Ankara is about $47,000. As for the more expensive luxury housing, its cost is many times higher and starts from $200,000 and up, depending on the proposed frills.


The cost of villas in the city starts from one million Turkish liras and can reach 36 million Turkish liras and more.

Land plots

Depending on the location of the land, its price also varies. One can invest in a land plot in Ankara for construction or agriculture purposes and secure the financial future. On average, this is about 50,000 Turkish liras per hundred square meters.


According to the information of the Central Bank of Turkey for May 2022, real estate in Ankara grew by an average of 147.5% per year, compared with data for April 2021. The growth in demand for the acquisition of real estate was also affected by the growth in the acquisition of land.


Real estate in Turkey, in particular in Ankara, is acquired much easier than, for example, in European countries. Turkey has long been loved by citizens of foreign countries and they visit this country as their second home. We already know all the pros and cons of living in Turkey, and the Turkish state, in turn, is doing everything to make it easier and more profitable for foreign investors to purchase housing. Fortunately, the country has all the resources for the comfortable and safe living of any citizen. So what's stopping you from buying a home here?

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