Property Market in Antalya, Turkey

Property Market in Antalya, Turkey

When It Comes To Property And Living Expenses, Real Estate in Antalya, Turkey, Preferred By Foreigners

Buying property in Antalya, Turkey is increasingly seen as a solid long-term investment, given that Turkey is on the cusp of joining the EU and boasts one of the world's fastest-growing emerging markets.

Antalya is a great destination either for holiday’s permanent living or investments, from the blue flagged sunny beaches, restaurants, and cafes, to the amazing nightlife and huge diverse shopping malls. Antalya includes everything that the investor needs. Of course, as Antalya became more popular the prices of the properties became higher but at a cost of living in an amazingly safe city with the high-quality building material and facilities that guarantee the satisfaction of buyers. One of the most important points is being close to the beach and having a summery weather almost all year round, in addition to having an airport which has flights to most countries, and fully luxurious resorts, apartments, and villas.

Investing in Antalya is gaining popularity among experienced investors seeking both financial gains and substantial rental income. Antalya is a superb investment option, second to Istanbul. According to experts, prices will continue to grow so make sure to take your place in a profitable one

Can a non-citizen buy property in Antalya?

Foreigners are permitted to purchase land and property in Turkey in their own names, as long as the properties are located in cities. According to the figures, foreign property sales in Antalya climbed by 12.1 percent compared to the previous year. The percentage of property sales to foreigners has risen to 4.3 percent. In Antalya, foreigners bought 6,418 housing units last year (mostly Russians, but also Iranians and Iraqis).

What are the reasons to buy a property in Antalya? 

Location: Around 500 kilometers of coastline feature some of Turkey's most stunning beaches, as well as a range of seaside cities and villages, including the golf center of Belek, charming Kas, Turkey's biggest shopping malls, entertainment parks, in addition to ultra-modern sailors' marinas and an amazing transportation network that connects residents to the rest of the country.

Citizenship: Turkey, one of the most logical countries for getting citizenship, for the investment of at least $400,000 USD in real estate it is possible to gain Turkish citizenship. You can obtain Turkish citizenship fast and affordably through this purchase approach, which takes only a few months. Even if you don’t take the citizenship, you will have the opportunity of getting a residence permit which allows you to easily move around Turkey and come back whenever you feel like it.


Affordable prices: Due to the rate change of the Turkish Lira in recent years, purchasing real estate in Turkey using foreign currency or bitcoin has become more profitable. Due to the currency rate, real estate and living costs in Turkey are substantially lower for foreign buyers than in OECD countries. In comparison to other nations, Turkey today allows you to live a more rich life by spending significantly less money on your currency.


Climate: Having all-year-round sunlight encourages an outdoor lifestyle. Turkey is one of the few countries in the world where you may ski in the snow in one spot and dip in the sea in another on the same day, that’s how diverse the climate is.


Nature: Turkey is a land of many natural wonders, from huge steppes to snow-covered mountains. But in Antalya, the Duden Falls have become a popular tourist destination. The higher half of the waterfall is located in a park northeast of Antalya and drops into a valley surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, while the lower section cascades directly into the Mediterranean Sea and is best viewed on a boat tour. The Konyaalti, Lara, and Kaputas beaches are known for their blue-flagged water and lots of fun activities to make you one with nature, like scuba diving. There are also lots of caves for adventure lovers such as: Karain, Dim, Damlatas, and many more located everywhere in Antalya.


Food: Antalya has a mixture of its own cultural food and national traditional foods as it satisfies every nationality and food lovers. Individual traditional recipes can be found in Antalya, as well as plenty of sun-drenched fresh food for sale at bazaars. Make sure to try the traditional Turkish breakfast, as well as freshly grilled seafood and meze (preferably with a view of the sea).

Historical heritage: Turkey has been the home of numerous important empires and civilizations for thousands of years. Antalya, a Turkish province located between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean, is most known for its resorts, but it is also noted for its historical sites. Greco-Roman amphitheaters, rock-cut tombs, and buried towns are among the main ancient landmarks to explore in and around Antalya. Other historic sites include Hadrian's Gate in the city center and Lycian Empire ruins scattered around the region. Visit the ancient ruins of Arykanda, and Xanthos, the Lycian Empire's former capital. In Alanya, the Kizilkule and the Antik Kent in Side.

Where to buy property in Antalya?

Each location has something special to offer. The first thing you should consider is your budget. Remember to factor in purchase costs. Do you desire a bustling city with a year-round vibe? Although Antalya is a year-round attraction, after the tourist season ends in October, some cities become quieter.


Property in Konyaalti, Antalya and Lara Beaches: These two locations are fast-paced centers in the heart of the city, but forget about the city lifestyle because they are also beachside getaways. As a result, house owners enjoy immediate access to all services, including transportation, stores, bars, banks, and restaurants and the ability to relax by the Mediterranean Sea.


Property in Alanya, Antalya: Do not overlook this town because it is developing not only in terms of the tourism sector and business, but also in terms of real estate as many nations recognize its future potential. The properties for sale in this diverse town range from one-bedroom apartments to big villas, all of which are available at some of the lowest costs per square meter on Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

Property in Belek, Antalya: The fame of this small town is built on world-class golf courses, but there is plenty more to enjoy even if you are not a golf enthusiast. It has evolved into a thriving urban hub with a variety of pubs, restaurants, shops, and that stunning seaside position over the years. The main city center is only a short bus ride away if you want to take it up a notch.


From inspecting homes to signing title documents and moving in, the Turkish property purchase procedure can take as little as two weeks if your finances are in order. We as Realtor Turkey will walk you through every step of the buying process as an international overseas property agent with an established track record in the Turkish real estate market. We guarantee that you would not want to leave after coming to Turkey. 

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