Property in Belek: Homes For Sale in Antalya, Turkey

Property in Belek: Homes For Sale in Antalya, Turkey

The Antalya Suburb of Belek With Its Concept of Ecological Real Estate in Turkey Allows Foreign Investors To Confirm Their Status

Antalya, Turkey is a more than a million of residents city on the coast, surrounded on one side by the Mediterranean Sea, and by the Taurus Mountains on the other. Many people dream of buying real estate, and even more dream of buying real estate by the sea. The "capital" of the southern coast of Turkey annually becomes one of the leaders in popularity among foreigners who invest in housing.


Owning properties abroad is prestigious and modern. The Antalya suburb of Belek allows foreign investors to confirm their status: one of the main criteria for luxury housing is environmental friendliness. Belek is considered one of the most prestigious areas on the entire Antalya coast, stretching from Mugla to Mersin.

Where is Belek, Antalya?

A green oasis on the Anatolian plain is located half an hour from Antalya International Airport, away from noisy highways and shopping centers. At the same time, the area does not lack infrastructure or entertainment facilities as Turkey's ‘Disneyland’ Land of Legends is located here, and the golf tourism industry, which receives state support, has already brought the country on the same list with South Africa and France (there are 27 golf courses in Belek). 


In 2008, Belek received the "Best Golf Course in Europe" award, after which the close attention of foreign players switched to Turkish courses, stimulating additional capital inflow from abroad. In 2019, Belek received 1.6 million tourists, and in terms of the number of places in hotels and guesthouses, the district is in fourth place in all of Turkey. It is worth noting that conference tourism has developed on a par with hotel tourism: there are 204 international congress halls that can accommodate several thousand guests. Festivals, scientific and medical conferences are held here all year round.

Real estate market in Belek

A healthy lifestyle has become one of the main concepts in the real estate industry. A clean ecological environment and nature have become the new luxury. The ecological component of the area has become one of its "trademarks", which has become the reason for the development of eco-tourism, including golf. The sea breeze from the south and the fresh air from the mountains create an optimal microclimate for vacating and permanent residence.


Along with the elite real estate market, its own class of residents has also formed here - usually, these are people with above-average incomes, who prefer high-class housing. For a long time, Belek remained at the place solely for tourists. The area received the status of a separate district only in 2012 by the decision of the Turkish Parliament. Away from major transport arteries, luxury hotels were being built on the coast of the azure sea. The emergence of golf resorts and an amusement park has made Belek more dynamic and comfortable for permanent residence.

The Turkish government strictly monitors the housing market: thanks to the high requirements for construction companies and real estate agencies, the area is developing, while the rights of buyers are protected. Today Belek offers both secondary housing (residential complexes and villas) and project estate. This year, the construction of many residences has been completed, those scheduled for completion next year or two years from now offer favorable payment terms.


The number of offers on the market, including business and elite class real estate, remains stable, despite fluctuations in the national currency. An increase in supply leads to an advantage for the investor - he has a greater choice and the opportunity to select an object that fully meets his wishes and requirements.

How much is property in Belek?

The average cost per square meter has already exceeded 17,000 liras (about 930 euros), the average cost of housing is 110,000 euros. Experts predict that in a year the average price could reach 200,000 euros.


If we consider apartments in Belek, we can conclude that the European layout prevails here. Its concept lies in the most efficient use of the interior space with the kitchen and living room combined, forming a single zone called living room in the West. Compact layout without not used square meters, spacious balconies, and modern ventilation systems are the main characteristics of the objects. Such apartments are functional and comfortable, modern design solutions and space design ideas fit perfectly here. This is housing that can be called affordable luxury: a two-room apartment in a new residence can be bought for 80,000 euros.


Villas in Belek mainly have the Mediterranean style. Their characteristics are spacious kitchens, often isolated from other rooms, home control from the screen of a mobile device, dressing rooms, laundry rooms, and, of course, impressive areas of both the house itself and the land plot. For example, a house with a plot of more than 1,000 square meters will cost approximately 500,000 euros. Buying a villa is also one of the easiest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, which is given when purchasing real estate with a cadastral value of $400,000 or more. The average rent in Belek is about 10,000 lira, which is higher than in Antalya.

The cost of project housing in Belek increases by an average of 40% from the excavation stage to commissioning. Despite the high stage of completion of construction in many projects, new residential complexes are popular among investors, while the first payment can be 50-70% percent.


The modern architectural style of properties in Belek has been created by world-class professionals. World-famous landscape designers David Thomas, Michel Guyon, and Martin Hawtree took part in the creation of golf club courses. The landscape of residential complexes, as well as golf clubs, repeats the natural one.


Investors’ sympathy for a healthy lifestyle has influenced the internal infrastructure of residential complexes and villas: most of them involve the presence of sports centers and spa areas (in detached villas, they can be fully private so that no one bothers the owner or tenant). The sports infrastructure also helps the properties stand out in the market, increasing the property's attractiveness and the area. It should be taken into account that the presence of sports facilities increases its cost due to higher engineering requirements, but, as statistics show, investors are willing to pay for infrastructure and monthly maintenance costs - this can also be considered one of the characteristics of prestigious housing. Such units pay off better and faster.

Why to invest in real estate in Belek?

The creation of a tourism cluster in the area - golf tourism, sports tourism, congress tourism, and the hotel sector - has strengthened Belek's investment prospects. For example, there are already 55 football fields, 13 training grounds, 27 golf courses, and 253 tennis courts. It is planned to develop social infrastructure such as schools, kindergartens, and world-class medical institutions for comfortable permanent residence (most investors plan to purchase for family relocation, so the availability of social facilities becomes vital). The active start of sales of premium real estate also had a positive impact on the investment potential of Turkish real estate in Belek. The project housing sector has stimulated an increase in the number of speculative transactions (purchase and sale, transmission).

In combination with a developed, balanced infrastructure (commercial and social) with real estate of different prestige segments, Belek is an ideal place for a measured, truly Mediterranean lifestyle. Realtor Global offers investors a large portfolio of properties in Turkey and abroad for the best investment of your funds!

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